Phillip Wasserman: Author, Presenter, Market Leader

Since Phillip Wasserman founded his retirement planning profession he has engineered an illustrious practice that extends across the country. He has a network of over 400 brokers throughout the country and is licensed in 40 states. Having also tutored over 1000 insurance agents, he has made his knowledge well-known.
In 2008 Phillip Wasserman put his talent, his acclaim and his influence to work and directed a massively successful charity function for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Dallas. In - click here - attendance were leading insurance and security reps. The affair brought in over $60,000 for the charities and was co-chaired with Dr. Donald Moine.
With a very highly regarded career and a stellar reputation among his peers, Phillip Wasserman is definitely an industry leader. Used widely throughout by professionals, his book is found up and down the country. His awards and accomplishments stand out among others. However, nothing speaks louder than his real-world experience, which includes managing over 1 billion dollars in annuity purchases .In combination with working relentlessly and successfully in the retirement field for 25 years, Phillip Wasserman also finds time to conduct an abundant speaking career. He has spoken to over 25,000 retired persons on the subjects of annuities and life insurance. Both trained professionals and retirees alike have sought-after his wisdom regularly.
Phillip Wasserman has received acknowledgement for his career on numerous occasions. Notably chosen from a group of almost 200,000 insurance brokers, he is winner of the Allianz Top Gun award. Insurance companies regularly seek his advice regarding regulatory issues and product development. His knowledge is also valued in the field of marketing.
For 25 years Phillip Wasserman has generated a identity for himself in the annuity and retirement industry and is also a published author, of the well-known book Outlasting the Storm - A Guide to Retirement Planning and Annuities He has established a distinguished career in his chosen niche of annuities and insurance as a trainer, speaker, adviser and industry leader since getting licensed in 1979.
In a multitude of ways, Phillip Wasserman has contributedto the retirement planning industry. He also gives time and money into the field at the legislative level, adding to his important contributions as a respected adviser on annuities and insurance products and his charitable efforts, helping - Phillip Wasserman - to direct and safeguard the industry.
Perhaps one of Phillip Wasserman's most widely known achievements has been his efforts against Rule 151a. Causing fixed indexed annuities to be designated as securities for regulatory purposes, this proposed legislation was vehemently opposed in the insurance industry. This movement was spearheaded by Phillip Wasserman and funded as well, to the tune of over a million dollars.