Pet Photography Captures Your Mutt's Mug On Film -

Teti asks clients to pick out a celebrity their dog resembles for clues about their relationship. A bulldog owner named Tony Soprano, the mafia boss on the HBO series. The owner of a small mixed breed cited Cary Grant, "because he really knew how to charm the ladies with his dance moves." Teti's methods have created lasting memories for Zarina Mak and her a pair of rescue mutts. "You know when you look at the photo that these dogs are family members and not just discarded dogs," said Ms. If you would like to read more:

Photography studio by Input Creative Studio features a playhouse

"Thinking back to our childhood memories, the idea of using wooden toys as our inspiration surfaced. The simplicity, warmth and nostalgia of the toys in addition with clever engineering gave us the idea to develop a playhouse, called Toto," the designers told Dezeen. "The playhouse not only entices the children but also provides them with entertainment; taking them out of the digital world back to analogue as they engage with the space by pushing the chalkboard door and playing in the house," they said. The blackboard doubles up as the sliding door for a cupboard, while the rest of the wall integrates adesk space and a line of wooden cabinets, allowing the client to stow away his camera equipment. If you would like to read more: