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Automatic Pet Food DispenserPerfect for pet owners that are looking or require the ease of Automatic Pet Food Dispenser, the programmable digital Pet Mate Le Bistro automatic pet feeder will help you and your pet at their feeding time. Having the convenience of knowing your furry friend will be fed at the correct time on a daily basis whether you are at the house or not makes life easier for you and healthier for them.The Automatic Pet Food Dispenser device consists of a programmable digital clock, food bin and feeding bowl, that work well in unison to ensure that your pet is fed at the time that has been decided by you everyday. The Le Bistro Automatic Pet Feeder operates - Pet Shop - on 3 D-size batteries, that can last for as long as a half a year. The device is 10 inches wide, 14 inches deep by 14 inches tall, that makes it convenient to put anywhere.The Le Bistro pet feeder directions are very simple enabling you to set the device to feed your pet one, 2 or 3 times each day. It also allows you to set the size of each meal from one quarter up to two cups of pet food every day. It is not made to dispense any moist pet food and is advised you do not try to. The pet dispenser food hopper can accommodate dry food of varying shapes, sizes and types ranging all the way up to three quarters of an inch in diameter. Since the completely removable bin is see through it is possible to notice when it's time to refill the dry food back up, and clean-up is really a cinch which requires only a cloth plus some warm soapy water.Having the power to select the amount of food you allow your pet to eat at every meal will help those with pets that are known to eat an excessive amount of of food or too fast. It can benefit pets that need portion control since they're diabetic or have stomach disorders. Using a digital timer can help you if your pet needs to be fed at a time when you were still sleeping.Once you buy the Automatic Pet Food Dispenser, set the clock to dispense pet food at that time that is right for them, to provide them with the proper quantity of food to maintain their health, you will ponder why it took you this long to do this. It is strongly recommended that you simply monitor the feeding times on a day when you are at home to assure that it's working like you wanted it to. After the settings are all satisfactory it will give food to your pet at the same time each day, of each and every week, for months. It is not only easy yet practical and sanitary. When you fill up the food hopper you can store the large bag of remaining food away to keep it fresh and out-of-the-way of hungry mouths. href='' - -