Personal Development Plan

It will be posted on the company's intranet. I can't figure out what is for except for managers to poach employees from other departments. What are my career interests? I don't have any. I just want to do as little work as possible while getting paid as much as possible. What a load of B.S.

What Every Leader Must Know About Personal Development - Forbes

Yet on the other hand Ive built my whole life around personal development, and it remains to this day the only thing I truly care about. It is just that pursuing personal development has become so habitual that I never think about it. In this sense everything I do is filtered through the screen of personal development. Throughout my career, for example, I sought out companies, bosses, challenges, and mentors that would help me grow. I did so even if it meant baffling friends and family as I repeatedly seemed to trade the lucrative safe bet and sure thing for an opportunity to learn and grow. Similarly, Ive spent many years cultivating people like the monks of Mepkin Abbey who continually inspire and challenge me to become a better human being. When in 1993 I decided to become an entrepreneur I did so because I felt that the pressures of entrepreneurship would provide PSI Seminars a perfect incubator for personal development; a way to PSI Seminars put myself and my principles to the ultimate test. When seven years later my partners and I sold the company site internet we started on a shoe string in a shoe box of an office, it was not the money or prestige that mattered most but what we had learned and who we had become. * * * Man is a mystery. I have moved many times over the years, but Dostoevskys quote has graced the door of every refrigerator I have ever owned or rented since college.