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to give a chance for rehab and spare the defendant, especially an initial offender, the responsibility of a criminal record.
Been verified in the beginning it worked great. But when I attempted to make use of it this month it would perhaps not i'd like to use the no-cost look up i will be sitting to have every month. It now wishes me to spend. Will wait till next month if it does it again however will eliminate it from my phone! Very dissatisfied.
Angie Its okayguess. U get one no-cost lookup monthly. I found mine and its programs a lot of tips just not just what the charge had been. They should inform you the cost title not the time.
Hmm Looked up some one I'm sure supported amount of time in jail for child abuse & it revealed criminal record ended up being clean. Do not - Published Here - depend on this. These individuals must certanly be ashamed for wanting to pass this off as reliable and safe.
Useless!! We went my name to test the legitimacy of the app, while the only information offered into the report was my target!! I discovered much more private information on a regular google search (which says a whole lot deciding on I reside in Delaware, which ranks among the worst states in providing general public record resources). Cannot bother putting in. An entire waste period!!