Penis Size Making the Tool Appear Bigger Than It Is

Men who fall well within the average length range often still have concerns about their penis size. It should be noted that the way one uses his most prized organ is far more important than a measurement. Still, men may find it fun to play around with different ways of showcasing their rods that make them appear bigger. Practicing appropriate penis health is important for those wanting their members to appear robust, as a healthy penis is more likely to be displayed in the most flattering and impressive light; however, there are also some optical tricks that a man can employ to help give the illusion of a bit more length or girth to his favorite tool.
Take off those pounds.
Fitness is on everyone's minds nowadays, yet obesity continues to be a growing problem. Maintaining a proper weight is important for many reasons, including improving cardiovascular health, but it also can help to make one's peter appear somewhat grander.
This is for a couple of reasons. First, in some men, excess poundage in the groin area actually covers up a portion of the base of the penis, so that less of the shaft is visible. Shedding that fat doesn't truly increase one's length, but it does make more of the existing length visible.
Second, proportion plays a big role in the illusion of penis size. Losing weight – in both the stomach and the thighs - can help put the organ in a better situation proportion-wise.
Get a trim.
For many men, a nice, thick, bushy crotch is a symbol of their masculinity. In some cases, however, that thick thatch of hair may make a penis of perfectly adequate size come across as slighter than it is. Again, the hair can hide some of the penis, just as too much fat can. Keeping the pubic area well-trimmed can make a flattering adjustment in the appearance of penis size. Some men prefer to go with a totally "bald" shave; others find that a close, neat trim is sufficient for their optical illusion needs.
Take a hot shower.
A hot shower before presenting the penis gets the blood flowing more vigorously. This not only tends to lengthen the organ, even when it is not fully hard, but it also gives the penis a healthy red glow.
Position oneself.
The angle of penis presentation can add – or subtract – quite a bit. For example, a penis that is viewed from below is more impressive size-wise than one viewed from above. A stray shadow can seriously give short shrift to one's endowment.  Placing oneself in a position that emphasizes length and girth is always to a man's advantage.
Use small objects.
Subtly place smaller-than-usual objects near to where one's penis will be displayed to aid the illusion of size. For example, removing big pillows from the bed and replacing them with smaller sofa pillows can help. An eight-ounce can of soda on the bedside table is going to provide a better contrast than a 12 ounce can (or a 2 liter bottle!).
Of course, the size of a man's penis, whether actual or the result of illusion, is only one factor a man needs to consider; health of the tool is more vital, which is why a man should consider regularly taking advantage of a first-rate penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Ideally, the selected cream will include among its ingredient L-arginine, which is an aid to the production of nitric oxide (which in turn helps promote better blood flow). In addition, the best cream will include vitamin D, the "miracle" vitamin that helps to fight disease and enables much-needed cell functionality.