Finest recommendation while taking the PCAT
Occupied with changing into a Pharmacist? Then you higher research for that PCAT. Nonetheless, many college students are still asking questions resembling Does anybody have any last minute recommendation for a student who's taking the PCAT or is there anything I need to know while taking the PCAT?. We perceive that the PCAT is not simple. I took it so I have a bit knowledge about it. That is why Im writing this post to assist folks that are planning to take this check and dont know what to anticipate.
Two issues to remember whereas taking the PCAT.
Youll solely get a booklet of laminated pages to jot down on, and an erasable marker. If the marker writes weakly, be certain to ask for a new one asap.
Until the software has changed, itll allow you to flag questions for later evaluation. My advice is to Flag all questions you already know are going to take too long to unravel, but make certain to put down an answer
Remember time administration is crucial. In the event you dont know the reply immediately or a problem seems prefer itll take too lengthy, skip it. Convey a snack; dont freak out of you dont finish a section, however you should definitely observe timing. Do not forget that everyone else has check anxiety too and also youll do great.
Different necessary advice that I need to mention:
1) If you are a breakfast particular person, wake up early enough to get yourself a full, wholesome breakfast (pancakes and fruit, oatmeal and fruit, breakfast burrito, simply no matter floats your boat). In case you are not a breakfast person I'd still highly advocate bringing a snack you'll be able to finish in ~5 minutes. Dont overlook to convey something to drink (in all probability water or maybe a hand-crafted smoothie).
2) Get as a lot sleep as you'll be able to the night before, and good sleep too. It doesnt do you any good to go to mattress an hour or two early for those who wake up in the midst of the evening anyway.
3) Drive to your testing middle and walk in to the place your PCAT will probably be held, a minimum of by the day previous to the exam. I can not tell you how many individuals got here to my PCAT session already stressed out as a result of they almost missed their exam.
four) Have your ID, your snack (if attainable), jacket, and so forth, ready to go the evening before. If this means leaving it in your automobile or on a desk somewhere in your house/home, whatever. Be sure to have the whole lot you need to get into that PCAT.
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5) When you absolutely have no idea the reply, GUESS. Then go on to the following downside. Your objective is to reply as many questions as attainable (correctly), and as many questions as possible (interval).
6) And lastly, chill out that last evening or two earlier than the PCAT. You either know it by then otherwise you dont no need to go into there stressed, as a result of I promise by the tip of it you'll be harassed enough.
Some nice books to get you put together for the PCAT