Pay Attention When Buying Cone Crusher


EL9C12MNKS.jpgSBM cone crusher wear ( squashing device is a newly researched and created hydraulic crusher with huge power, high crushing ratio as well as high creating capability. It is manufactured on the basis of soaking up and also digesting the worldwide advanced-level science as well as technology. Designers and also specialists from Hongxing Equipment advise that the complying with four variables must be taken note of when the customers acquire this device, they are worldly feeding as well as discharging dimension, outcome, power intake as well as the abrasion efficiency of the lining plate.


1. Observe the device's material feeding and also discharging size. The granularity of the ended up products will be little if the feeding size is big. You should choose very coarse type or coarse kind; otherwise you should select the middle kind or the excellence kind. When you are computing the feeding dimension, you need take the measurement of the biggest feeding hole times 0.85 as the dimensional base of the material feed, however the average measurement of the finished items is managed the largest material getting in granularity separates the crushing proportion.

2. The largest product offering size. The change of the fragment dimension, fragment size distribution of product; The material of the firmness, use resistance of the product.

3. The longer the lining board, the greater the power usage will be. So the difficult material picks short linings, soft material picks long cellular linings. In the product of circulation, the fine product choose brief linings, rugged product choose long lining board. Feeding the distribution of bit size, typically talking, much less than silent edge discharging materials can not greater than 10% mouth, if even more than 10%, the rising power consumption, the granularity of product can be developed into flake. Viscous product of water cut section of boost can influence the amount of material via, the dampness in the products for, normally much less than 5%. In making use of power: common cone crusher ought to reach 75% ~ 80%, brief head cone crusher need to reach 80% ~ 85%.

4. On the circulation of the feed of the bit size, normally talking, it is less than the edge of silent discharging mouth, as well as the material is not more than 10%. The power intake will certainly increase the granularity of product existing flake if even more than. Generally talking, when impact crusher is in use process, you should pay attention to the following questions to guarantee the regular operation of the device. In his work, provide even feed, can't partition. If the feeding is unequal, it can trigger production ability. Also note that you can't allow not broken material into the bunker inner, ideal equipped with except iron device. Due to the fact that if often appear not broken product, can trigger certain damaged devices itself.