Paul Chehade - Ethical Work

Paul Chehade,in his effort to serve the community has created the Association Internationale de Solidarite better known as "Solidary Foundation", with the purpose to serve the people in need worldwide.

The purpose of Solidary Foundation is a charitable organization, established within the terms of the section 501(c)(3) of the Code of Exemption of Taxes of the United States of America. Is an institution non-profit worldwide, cradled in the city of Miami, Florida, that has as a primary target to safeguard the rights of the people, contributing to give social, educative and sanitary attendance, providing nutritional aid to children, old and the needy; creating, generating and promoting the general well-being, with the purpose of helping the fellow Citizen.

In order to obtain its aims Solidary Foundation is committed to develop all the activities necessary and to use all the means that consider opportune, without exclusions, for the practical performance of the conventions that are taken care of the protection of the Rights of the Person and to make any activity that is necessary and to use all routes that considers useful, without exception, while it is allowed by the laws of the United States of America and the State of Florida.