Covers are more important than ever

At our house and cottage we have various types of outdoor furniture on our patio, deck and dock. Clean and new looking furniture always enhances the look of our home and garden in the eyes of our guests. While patio furniture is designed for use outside, it is subject to many harmful effects such as pollution, bird droppings, tree droppings and most importantly, UV rays. Rain and snow may seem clean but on the way down it collects dirt particles and makes quite a mess.

We should take necessary care of our patio furniture with Patio Furniture Covers. Investing in covers might cost a little up front but you will reap the benefits by having longer lasting and more beautiful furniture to enjoy. Not to mention time saved cleaning it. In off seasons covers protect your furniture and keep them clean. In seasonal use they are also very effective because they keep furniture clean ready to use at any time.


Variety of patio furniture covers helps to match up the customer needs

To keep outdoor furniture well protected we should invest in appropriate patio furniture covers. There are various types of covers available for use on different types of furniture. It may seem logical that patio furniture comes in a few standard sizes but the opposite is true. Furniture is sold by many retailers and online companies and they come from a vast number of different factories, the result is that there are no standard sizes. So finding and selecting well-fitting covers is very difficult.

While major retailers might stock some covers, they usually have a small selection in limited quantities and only for a few months a year. Online companies have a larger variety of cover types in a wide variety of sizes. You can buy a loveseat cover, sofa cover and bench cover. You can buy covers for patio tables in sets or stand alone. You can buy a lounge chair cover, ottoman cover and fire pit cover. The applications choice is endless and so are the model choices.

Materials and composition matters a lot

Covers come in many types and materials and for many purposes. You should determine what seasonal use you want, what elements they will be exposed to and how long you expect them to last. An inexpensive cover can probably work for you but expect a shorter life. A more expensive cover should last longer but there are factors that affect cover life. UV, pollution, freezing and thawing all reduce cover life. Washing covers might get them a little cleaner, but the machine washing process will also shorten its life. Here are some other tips to cover use and selection:

-Covers made of or with exposed plastics on the outside will likely have a short life. PVC is a common material used in tarps and are often sued for truck tarps. Quality PVC lined covers are good but inside moisture retention could be a problem without adequate air circulation such as vents. Covers should be cleaned inside annually.

-While Solution Dyed Acrylics such as “Sunbrella” are very colourfast, they are not usually as durable as quality polyesters.

-Polyester can be made with UV and mildew inhibitors which reduce fading, sun damage and mildew but doesn’t eliminate it.

-Polyester can also be made as solution dyed (colour is introduced during the yarn making process, not tinted after the yarn is made), but are more expensive to make and therefore cost more. However, they will last longer. They one of the best choices for outdoor covers.

-The weight of the material is also key. In the US weight in “oz” is common for fabric density but in Canada, the term Denier is also common. The higher the number the heavier the weight generally. A heavy duty cover would have a 600D weight or more.

-Lighter weight polyesters could be very serviceable and easier to handle and store if you are using them only in season.

-Let your covers get dirty, it’s the stuff under the cover that matters.

-Don’t power wash a cover, you will damage it and void your warranty.

Ideal choices

There is no magic solution in having covers last a long time in an inexpensive way. PVC tarps may be highly effective but are ugly and unwieldy as square shapes. The best choice for longer life would be hi grade treated 600D Polyester, or better yet 600D Solution Dyed Polyester. Don’t shy away from 300D weights either. They may not last quite as long but they are easier to handle and store. Also, lighter polyesters are fine for general use to keep clean dirt and rain off, just don’t expect them to last winters. Buy lighter covers for seasonal use and store furniture in winter with a PVC tarp over top as a solution.

At we take pride in providing a large assortment and variety of covers at great prices. We also take pride in giving customers as much information as possible to enable consumers to make the best decision as to what is right for them. Visit our website today for a glimpse of our assortment and order at the convenience of your mobile device, desk or home and we will ship it to your door.

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