Pastor Alph Lukau Exposed The Truth Behind The Coffin Story

You must heard the name- Pastor Alph who is a well-renowned preacher, pastor and the spokesperson. He is not famous only in the South Africa, but with his great practices he is now popular in all over the world. But, he was in the controversy, which ripped off his goodwill because of the misinterpretation of an event. He was the one was accused of staging a resurrection scene, which was all wrong where the leaders of the Alleluia Church affirm that the Lukau’s Sunday sermon was interrupted by a coffin, which was being brought to the Church and the dead man was already alive inside.

The video of the very same incidence is viral everywhere and has captured a great attention of interest of various medias and local news channels as it shows Kings and Queens Real Funerals hearse transporting a coffin into the church of Alleluia International Ministries in Kramerville, Sandton. The video then shows Pastor Alph Lukau and congregants was praying before a man rises from the coffin, stunned and breathing heavily. Pastor AlphLukau said he was already alive and there is nothing related to him in this case. With the help of a local radio channel, the pastor has said everything was real and asked people not to misinterpret the situation.

Taking into consideration Alleluia Church’s side of the story, the church and the Pastor Lukau, both have confirmed that the dead man was actually already alive inside the coffin and when his body got to the premises it was shaking already and that Lukau had only ‘completed a miracle that God had already started’. Furthermore, in a local radio interview, Prophet Lukau asserted that he was busy with a Sunday sermon when he was interrupted and told that a person in a coffin had been brought to the church and inside the coffin, there was a man who was already alive; reported by the News24 after speaking to Gauteng broadcaster PowerFM’s Power Drive host Thabiso Tema.