Parkour Maps in Minecraft Described

Parkour is a sort or sort of hobby in Minecraft. It is not part of the gameplay, but the skills of parkour can be useful in the overall game (for instance, parkour on the caps of trees). Parkour is often used in user maps, as well as on servers in a variety of competitions. The purpose of parkour is to join blocks to the end of the parkour path.

New maps for Parkour in Minecraft you will discover on a complete lot of fan sites. There is also a detailed description of every map. But we suggest going to only proven sites with a sizable audience, where the possibility of the virus documents existence of is minimal.

Although Parkour in Minecraft isn't very popular essentially, there are several maps of different levels of complexity, and players vie among themselves who will pass the map first. There are maps which you can arranged a different degree of problems, and on additional maps, there are many routes from easy and simple ones to the hardest ones.

Furthermore to several degrees of difficulty, the themes of parkour maps are different completely. You can certainly leap and climb in mountains, rainforests, pirate ships, tall towers, and skyscrapers. There are, of course, amounts and with a straightforward style. Before downloading a map, we recommend reading its description and testimonials. Walkthrough of some maps can be found on YouTube if you have some troubles with a certain map.

Main Objects In Minecraft Parkour Maps

Lobby. A lobby is a available room in which the participant appears on the 1st visit to a map. In the lobby, there are often a couple of tables that indicate the card's creator and his contacts, map rules and in some full cases desired graphics settings. In a lobby are chests with food Sometimes, weapons and some other things necessary for fulfilling the map.

Soaring blocks. With them, you have to get to your end goal. For additional difficulties are utilized ice blocks, or gratings, glass panels (as grids), stairs, fences and cobblestone walls.

Water and slime blocks. Drinking water dampens your fall, and lava, on the contrary, kills you. A slime block is utilized for high jumps and for absorbing harm from falling.

Sand of souls. Sand of souls slows a player. If you put ice beneath the sand of souls, a new player will be even more slowed down.

Lianas and stairs. By lianas and stairs, you can up climb.

Shulkers. When aggressive, shurkers sharply increase vertically (or horizontally, if indeed they stand on wall space), which can be used also. You can block shurker’s shots with control blocks, or you generate a deadly ceiling, the then you will need to dodge their projectiles.

Cactus. You should jump on Cacti’ tops fast, since by contact with the cactus every half-second, 1 life stage is lost. They can also be used in a combination with powerful water flows.

Checkpoints. They are generally represented as drinking water blocked by a piston: whenever a participant jumps on this kind of a mechanism, it activates the lever and the drinking water pours down. Then, if a new player falls, he can climb up the blast of water, rather than starting yet again. Also a checkpoint can be represented in the type of a command prevent that pieces player's renaissance stage at certain coordinates (it is found only on maps where, in a complete case of a failure your loss of life is assured, for example, when between the floating blocks the lava is certainly spilled or a range from a soaring prevent to the bottom is twenty-three blocks and more).

Last room. It isn’t present on all maps. This available room player enters after completing the map. Usually, a reward can be found by you here, which can be represented by a good starting arranged for survival in the standard game mode.

How to Finish a Parkour Map in Minecraft

To complete a parkour map you need to overcome all the challenges in your way. To do this you have to train you to ultimately jump and faster farther. Some professionals perform parkour maps on swiftness.

Start playing light parkour maps and after a while, you shall be able to finish more difficult ones. We advise that you to download a map where are several routes with different complexity are represented at a one time.

Good luck in participating in parkour Minecraft maps and remembers to download maps just from reliable sources!