Panasonic Sound Bar


Streamlined design for smaller space

Four angles to offer sound according to your organization


Subwoofer lacks energy

Gauge lights near worthless

Sound good quality is subpar


Panasonic states the loudspeaker bar is most powerful for HDTV's amongst 42 and 50 inches. It contains an additional IR blaster which can be plugged to the unit and set nearby. This can be useful in case your set up demands the loudspeaker bar to be set level.

To get a dwelling theatre setup with all the HDTV sitting on a cabinet, the loudspeaker is very best location in the 30-degree angle placing if it really is sitting underneath on a unique ledge if the loudspeaker is resting on a single surface as the HDTV, lying it entirely flat in a zero degree angle operates ideal. No one layout is preferable to the other, it is only a practical approach to assure sound is accurately directed in the listeners... an significant component of loudspeaker set up.

Loudspeaker Set upAn considerable high-quality of the Panasonic SC-HTB70 is that it may possibly be fixed four distinct manners depending upon your property theatre set up. For HDTVs mounted in the wall, the versatile stand could be attached only under the Tv, facing outdoors in a 90-degree angle.

Loudspeaker Place up two

The remote is frustratingly tiny and straightforward to lower it went MIA rather couple of instances in the course of testing.

The loudspeaker bar comes with a detector that tells it what angle the user has it spot, which in turn orders how it is going to offer sound. For example, when the loudspeaker bar is at a 90-degree angle, the sound can come right out from the loudspeakers the speaker bar is wrapped up and around by the sound to the area, if it's lying flat in a zero-degree angle. Regardless of the layout, sound is obviously offered straight at the listener, rather than upwards in the ceiling.

The front of the loudspeaker bar has status lights to signify distinct sound designs, Bluetooth pairing, when the unit is on, and a lot additional. It's impossible to inform the loudspeaker mode from far away, although it is amazing the front will not deflect from viewing a film. The tiny LED lights do not suggest substantially, till you memorize their order. As it lacks an LCD screen of any sort, there are not any numbers to indicate the volume amount, that was frustrating as customers must judge by ear as opposed to a set amount.


This, even though the loudspeaker bar has a excellent that alters the dialogue degree, and it is meant to build it simpler to hear dialog with no raising the total volume. Actually, shifting the remote dialogue degree volume did not essentially appear to make substantially of a distinction, and TechnologyGuide nonetheless found there was not one cozy degree to see a film with out being forced to constantly repair it.

In spite of the loudspeaker tavern in the advised zero degree angle, it provided a significantly less demanding sound quality, but nonetheless, it in no way seriously felt "encompass."

It's significant to see that with loudspeaker bars, you happen to be under no circumstances locating a truetolife 5.1 surround sound experience. That is for the reason that five.1 requires, as the specific name suggests, five speakers plus a sub woofer. A loudspeaker tavern can only just provide two.1 routes (two loudspeakers in the 1 bar along with a sub). Speakerbars as an alternative attempt to fool your ear into believing it's receiving the genuine point. It on a regular basis does not perform.

This is frustrating because it pulls you from the picture, and surround sound is intended to immerse the audience.

The built in subwoofer with "Anti Vibration" technologies was unremarkable. Loud noises, to put it clearly, sounded loud there wasn't any additional depth. Otherwise, there are added choices in the price range that function more robust constructed in subwoofers, but such units also have a tendency to be larger.


If you've been relying on the loudspeakers from an HDTV to view scheduling, then you are probably to see a difference utilizing the Panasonic SC-HTB70 . This is particularly so when viewing films or dramas which are filmed in higher high-quality and possess loads of strong scenes and loud noises. On the other hand in regards to viewing routine scheduling or images that have lots of dialogue it falls flat.