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The FBIannounced a major crackdown on malicious software known as Blackshares. It is nicknamed'creepware,' foragood reason.This program can remotely hijack victims' computers, secretly turning on web cams, compromising hard drives and even capturing every keystroke.Cassidy Wolf is Miss Teen U.S.A. and she is also a victim of 'creepware.' A former classmate installed Blackshares on her laptop, triggering an unimaginable nightmare.Ms. Wolf had no idea that herattackerwas spying onherfor about a year. She only learned about the violation whenhe e-mailed her compromising photos of herself, along with ablackmail threat to make the images public.He was sentenced to 18-months in prison. Cassidy Wolf spoke - - to Anderson about her ordeal.Cassidy Wolf also offered her tipsto help you stay safe on-line:Delete your browsing history and cookies often.Make difficult and unique passwords for each account with both symbols and numbers.Never click on an unknown link or open an email from an unfamiliarsender.Put a sticker over your web cam.Always be cautious of what you are doing on and around your computer.Pamela Brown takes a closer look at Cassidy Wolf's ordeal and the FBI's crackdown on 'creepware.'