Palisade fencing compound in Bray Harbour to facilitate work on Bray Boxing Club

Sinn Fein Councillor John Brady has stated that the new compound thathas been constructed in Bray Harbour is a temporary structure which isnecessary for the redevelopment of Bray Boxing Club.Speaking after being contacted by members of the public CouncillorBrady said "Over the last few days i have been contacted by severalmembers of the public about the compound that has been erected in Brayharbour. The palisade fencing compound is a temporary structure thatis crucial for the long awaited redevelopment of the Bray Boxing Clubthat's located in the area. Work on the new facility has started andthe storage compound was deemed necessary to facilitate the works onthe Boxing club."Brady continued "I understand that members of the public had initialconcerns when they seen the palisade fence and the fact that it takesup some of the limited car parking spaces. People also expressedconcern that it blocks signs erected relating to the swans in theharbour. However when it was explained the temporary need for thecompound people are very understanding. The long term benefits ofhaving a state of the art boxing club in the area greatly out way anyshort term losses."Brady concluded "I think it would be a good idea for the council toerect a sign on the compound stating its temporary purpose along withan artists impression of the new boxing club building. I believe itwill allay any concerns people may have and will completely win thesupport of all the public." Ends