Pace Of Health Exchange Enrollment Slows In February, Figures Show

Boehner (R-Ohio) said in a statement. Given these dismal enrollment numbers, the president needs to work with Congress to get rid of this years individual mandate penalty. Last year, administration officials embraced forecasts by congressional budget analysts that 7 million Americans would get coverage through the federal and state insurance marketplaces by this spring. Early last month, those analysts lowered their forecast to 6 million, reasoning that enrollment would be depressed somewhat by technical problems involving and a few state-run marketplaces. Enrollment in the marketplaces was sluggish through most of the fall but accelerated during the winter. January marked the first time that the number of people who signed up on or 14 separate state-run marketplaces was higher than what the adminstration predicted last summer. Those projections, contained in a memo by Marilyn Tavenner, administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the agency overseeing the marketplaces, anticipated that nearly 1.3 million people would select a health plan during the month of February and that the overall enrollment by then would slightly exceed 5.6 million. Pace of health exchange enrollment slows in February, figures show

Novant Health Sued by Employees Over Retirement-Plan Fees

Given the massive bargaining power of a plan at or near $1 billion in total plan assets, a large plan in industry terms, prudent fiduciaries consider far lower cost investments that are accessible to institutional investors, lawyers for the employees said in the complaint. About 25,000 Novant employees have been automatically enrolled in the retirement plan since 2009, according to the complaint. The plans assets have more than doubled to $1.42 billion from $612 million in 2008, the plaintiffs said. They seek class-action status for the complaint and a court order removing the committee that oversees the plan, appointing an independent administrator and granting unspecified restitution, damages, interest and legal costs. Novant, based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina , operates 14 medical centers along with clinics, outpatient surgery centers, medical plazas, rehabilitation programs, imaging centers and community health programs in North Carolina, Virginia , South Carolina and Georgia , according to its website . Novant Health Sued by Employees Over Retirement-Plan Fees