Own build after going through a few more testing

He will use a laser attack that is one-shot upon whittling his HP. Apart from the fire breath and fireballs-- that can't be dodged, so be ready--he'll do. That ought to be simple enough Maple M Mesos for you since you understand the rhythm today. With knowledge, assemble skills, and the right gear, the assassin can be a lone dragon slayer.

I chose to change my own build after going through a few more testing. Echoing blades will not do more DPS than donut blades but only if the circumstances allow you to stand completely still for extended amounts of time (which is not that great ). That is a good build. The one from the vid isn't. I had been using the Echoing too at the beginning but I changed over because our skills are sprit hungry and we can't stand still because we're squishy so echoing blades isn't used fully.Agreed, Echoing is a fantastic mobbing ability and from my understanding works best using a Flame Sigil build since it's a much better mobbing sigil. But for Storm sigil Whirling is undoubtedly the better option.

Any build I am not sure about the other sigils, or if you're running a Storm build, you want max Impact. That damage is nuts and the cooldown is halved while utilizing Storm Sigil. Reason I'd avoid Elemental Potency would be cause I believe at max level it's a enthusiast there's 40 seconds there where your attack isn't being promoted, whereas with Blade Mastery it's on all of the time. And it effects Illusory Blades which is a 635 percent att, assuming all blades hit, which is not too bad especially since all you gotta do is trigger Illusory Blades then let it do it's thing mechanically while you continue with your rotation.Honing Runes I think should just be maxed for Chaos Raids. The personal boost that is 8% is not worth maxing it for Hard Dungeons or some other solo content. Ally boost is pretty nuts though and might help in Chaos Raids.

The blink lockon is an issue just the same as priest flair locking to allies was a problem. It creates scenarios that are dangerous and contrasts with the finesse. For instance you can't blink in the general direction of fire monster in stage 2 or you'll land directly in the middle of the lava, and an even worse one is in CDEV where Maplestory M Mesos for sale I will sometimes be locked into blinking into devorak's body as I'm trying to move around his laser. It's more annoying than helpful and cases are very few and far between.Finally, for ability builds, there are three kinds for you to choose from. For this part of the manual, keep in mind the ability build names show what that construct's core skills are.The first and many well-known is the Lucky Stars, Star Chaser, and Star Flurry construct. The benefit of this construct is that it's DPS, which makes it a one which works when your gear setup is a bit underpowered.