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Gunnison Beach - When New Jersey Senate Bill 1912 efficiently outlawed nudity on the state's public shores in 1999, bare beach fans in the tri-state area were dealt a significant setback.

One notable exception to the law, however, was Gunnison Beach. Located on the Sandy Hook peninsula just a few miles south of New York City, Gunnison Beach is part of the Gateway National Recreation Area that is owned and managed by the National Park Service. Since it's generally legal to be nude on federal land, Gunnison was spared from S.B. 1912's effects.

Gunnison Beach is formally broken up into two regions clothed on the northern half and clothes-optional on the southern half (it is probably a surprise to no one the clothing-optional side is far more popular). The clothes-optional side is further subdivided (unofficially) into a straight area and a gay place (at the southernmost end of the playa). On any given bright summer weekend, 3,000 or more bathers can be found on Gunnison Beach.

The history of bare bathing at Gunnison goes back to the 1950's, when Sandy Hook was home to the Fort Hancock military installation (substantial concrete gun placements are still clearly visible at the entrance to Gunnison). Servicemen would routinely skinny dip there, and when the base was decommissioned and turned over to the National Park Service in 1972, members of the general public continued the tradition.

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The feeling on Gunnison is dynamic and pleasing. The regulars say the level of behaviour surpasses most clothed shores. Part of the reason could be that Gunnison (in addition to the rest of Sandy Hook) is continuously patrolled by Park Service Rangers. While harassment of naturists by textiles as well as fellow naturists is a rare occurrence, the Rangers have little tolerance for it and instantly respond to any reports of difficulties.

That is an active group on the beach as well called Ranger World, whose leaders track the region for unwelcome behaviour. Additionally, even with several thousand people in attendance, there is certainly still a tremendous amount of open beach. This enables everyone to spread out and minimize http://hyacepsi.livejournal.com/29023.html to fellow beachgoers. Those who wish to drink and listen to music in groups can set up camp from the majority of the crowd.

The under-40 age group is, in addition, well-represented, easily making up between one third and one half of the weekend crowd on average. There is also a noticeable presence of younger kids and families. In terms of ethnicity, on a strictly percent basis, nearly all people who come to Gunnison are White.

But individuals from other ethnic backgrounds also make a superb display of force. Recently, on Gunnison Beach online forum, an African-American girl inquired whether or not she should consider coming to the plage. She was stressed that she would function as the only African American there, but nothing could be farther from the truth. African-Americans probably make up the second-largest ethnic group at Gunnison, but the Asian and Hispanic communities are certainly represented also.

While public bare beaches could be the Wild West of naturism, I urge Gunnison to anyone who's thinking about going, regardless of age, race or background. If your impression of the Jersey shoreline comes from your television show of the exact same name, you're actually missing out on among the pearls of naturism on the east coast. The water is clean, the folks are great, and with the Nyc skyline visible in the space what more could you require?

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IF YOU GO: The nude beach is easily reachable from New York either by car or the aptly-named Seastreak ferry. There is certainly no admission fee to the Gateway National Recreation Area, but there is certainly a $15-per-vehicle daily parking fee. An endless-visit season parking pass are available for $75. The parking fee is collected from 7AM to 5PM.

Vehicles arriving outside of those hours would not have to pay (the area is open from 5AM to 10PM). The Park Service will close the entry to the park once the lots fill up, which they do. On weekends during the summer, it's a good idea to arrive at the park by 11AM. On pleasant days, the entry is often closed from 11AM to 3PM or after. Lifeguards are on duty from 10AM to 6PM. At 6PM, most people are required to get out of the water before the lifeguards go off responsibility. But once the lifeguards leave, many people are welcome to return to swimming (at their own risk, of course).

Alcohol is enabled, but not in glass containers. There is certainly a snack stand on the playa that sells a limited selection of hot dogs, chips and non-alcoholic drinks. There's the same bite stand at the entry to Gunnison.

If you need a sit down meal, there is one restaurant on Sandy Hook The Sea Gull's Nest. They serve good regular strand/pub cuisine. They are often full during peak hours, though, so a late afternoon/early evening visit is recommended. There are other restaurants quite close to the entry of the park if you need to dine before entering or after leaving.

It is a small walk from your Gunnison parking lot out to the strand (about 350 yards or so). If you are bringing quite a bit of stuff (coolers, bags, etc.), you should consider bringing a suitable sand handcart with broad wheels to transport things.

The walk out to the beach is about 50 yards long it is loose sand the remaining portion of the way. Conventional handcarts with http://poulin-leigh73323l.tumblr.com/post/146493309778/outside-in-the-fresh-air-and-sun-it-felt will instantly get stuck. Tents and umbrellas are permitted, and since there's no other shelter on the plage it really is recommended that you bring something other than merely sunscreen!

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