Oscar Pistorius Trial Day 3: Witness Timeline Could Cast Doubt Over Prosecution's Case

At celebs news issue is what witnesses heard when, a distinction that could cast doubt over the prosecution's suggestion that the Olympian shot his girlfriend after an argument. Johnson, a neighbor of Pistorius and husband of Michelle Burger who stood strong in the face of relentless questioning on Days 1 and 2 of the trial , faced a barrage of detailed questions from defense attorney Barry Roux as his wife watched from the public gallery. Roux says phone records will prove that the banging sounds the couple heard were not gunshots, but instead a distressed Pistorius trying to get to his fatally-wounded girlfriend who was behind a locked bathroom door. Oscar Pistorius speaks to members of his legal team on the third day of his trial. (REUTERS) In a grey suit and pale blue silk tie, Johnson was forced to recount his experience, minute by minute, as Roux slowly began to construct the timeline of events that he hopes will cast sufficient doubt on Pistorius' alleged intention to kill. Awoken by a sound he has http://blurpalicious.mihanblog.com/ admitted he is unsure what Johnson says he heard screaming, and then woke his wife by jumping out of bed and running to the balcony. As the screaming continued, Johnson says he called a security company at 3:16 a.m., speaking for 58 seconds according to his mobile phone log, before running approximately 30 feet back out to the balcony. Then he heard the sound of what he believes to be gunshots five or six, he says, but he wasn't counting and more screaming, but no other sounds that could resemble the breaking of a door. Full story: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/oscar-pistorius-has-better-day-in-court-190647564.html