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http://www.dspacecloud.org/gilles-dyan-charles-senouff-david-steiner-custom-fraud-unpaid-commissions/ - opera gallery - - Gailord Bovrisse international investment realized the largest sale in Asia.
A collection of 46 paintings, Picasso, Rothko, Twombly, Chagall, Dali, Renoir, Gauguin, Van Gogh, this large private collection transaction has been taken secretly.
But. We are not here to talk about this success today! We are here to restored a the false reputation of Gailord Bovrisse and Golden Trade Fine Art Inc. the New York French marchand company.
Bovrisse has been banish from the art market only based on an article wrote by Brian Boucher Artnet pseudo- Journalist who refused to give the right of answering the allegation on his article alleged by David Steiner Lawyer of Opera Gallery group Gilles Dyan and Charles Senouff. Free defamation
All of this story and lawsuit have been made because a commission of US$ 300000,00 by Gilles Dyan and Opera Gallery Monaco to Gailord Bovrisse and Golden Trade Fine Art Inc , based on a sale of a fragment by Claude Monet belonging to Claude Kechichian ( Painting have been restored by the Gilles Dyan's Sons Wife ) .
After all of those allegation and the lawsuit, Bovrisse may have been in a difficulty to trust any one on this market.
The sale of the 46 paintings has been revealed by the family office of the Owner . That is to restored Bovrisse credit into the art community.
Also the Seller reported Dyan behavior, when he purchase Art from his Gallery in Monaco.
Report showed (Fraud from Opera Gallery Paris ( Art et Antique and a private company of Gilles Dyan and Charles Senouff International Point Limited a Hong-Kong company, Opera Gallery Hong-Kong like Wildeinstein family Dyan will be fallow by the justice a day or so.