Online Reputation Management Vital Part Of Crisis Communication Plan Says Don Sorensen In Recent For

Don Sorensen, President, Big Blue Robot LLC

Thanks to the real-time nature of social media, any crisis will shortly be an online reputation crisis.

Marketing executives need to consider online reputation management as part of their crisis communication plan, said Don Sorensen in a recent interview featured on In the interview, Sorensen advised brand managers to constantly monitor online brand mentions and sentiment combined with strong threat detection and protection.
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Thanks to the real-time nature of social media, any crisis will shortly be an online reputation crisis, he said. Even if a major news publication doesnt report a negative story about a company, blogs, tweets and other social media can do great damage.
Sorensen said fast communication is especially critical if the crisis involves:

product/service quality
product safety
the security and privacy of customer or employee information

As a first step he recommends brands claim their name on social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, SlideShare and Pinterest. This prevents others from hijacking the brand and expands the brands presence online. It also helps a brand control more spots in the critical first few pages of search engine results.
There are two kinds of online reputation work says Sorensen, proactive and reactive. His clients usually want work done during or after a crisis, but having a strong reputation before a crisis costs less. Maintenance and preventive measures are generally less expensive than trying to repair an online reputational problem after its happened, he said.
When there is a reputation issue, his first response is to move negative web pages down in search results and replace them with web pages with positive or neutral information about the company. If the company does business in other countries the problem becomes more complex. In that case, they also need to address the crisis on country-specific search engines.
About Big Blue Robot Big Blue Robot was founded in 2003 by Don Sorensen, a recognized authority on online reputation management. Sorensens expertise and insights have appeared in publications such as the New York Times, HuffingtonPost, USA Today, Forbes, and CNN Money. Through his company, Big Blue Robot, he works with corporations and CEOs to improve, protect, repair and manage their online reputations.
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