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We offer articles, videos, pictures, links, as well as other sources that will prove beneficial for those who might need or want to have {moOnline Marketing Resources | Business.comTrends >>Overview of Online Marketing
Online marketing is a broad subject, but it's beneficial to have an overview of the range of online marketing techniques before choosing those that make the most sense for your business. This guide will provide you with concise descriptions of the major online marketing techniques, along with enough information to evaluate the offers of different Internet marketing providers.


One of the simplest ways to get started in online marketing is to buy a domain name, contract with a hosting company, and build a website. A website is a launching pad for a business-a place where you can store your content and direct customers to it through links. Your website could be as simple as a single page-and many websites are just that-one long sales letter or brochure. Most small business can start with just a handful of Web pages and build content from there. ...More
Domain names cost less than $10 per year and have to be renewed or they'll expire. You can purchase domain names for many years at a time or set up an automatic payment plan to ensure that your registration never runs out. Many companies buy dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of domain names, including variations on their own business names, as well as terms they hope to pull traffic from. Reclaiming domain names that have expired can be expensive and difficult, if not impossible. Many website hosts offer excellent tools for managing large numbers of domains.
After you have a domain, the next major decision is finding a website host. Your website will be stored on the host's server, where it should be running reliably more than 99% of the time. Your hosting fees are largely based on the amount of storage you need and the amount of bandwidth your site uses. Hosting fees start as low as a few dollars per month, but most businesses pay more in the neighborhood of $20 to $40 each month for a decent storage and bandwidth package. Popular sites that use a lot of bandwidth-hogging multimedia have to pay a much higher monthly fee.