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Aggron (Japanese: Bossgodora) is a dual-type Steel/Rock Pokmon.It evolves from Lairon starting at level 42. It is the final form of Aron.Aggron are huge, black and gray-silver, monstrous bipedal Pokmon. They stand on their hind legs and may use their arms to attack opponents and pick things up. They have a thick, long, black tail that they can swing at enemies and they have large armor plating on their body and head. They have three claws on each hand and on each foot. Their face and head is covered in gray-silver armor, with the uppermost, pointed plate possessing two pairs of holes on its upper section, with horns protruding from the foremost holes. These horns, which it uses to dig tunnels through bedrock when seeking food, grow a little longer at a time and can be used to determine the individual Aggrons age. Aggrons forehead plating extends past their upper jaws in a small point. Like its pre-evolutions, Aggron has sky-blue eyes, and a nostril-like hole on the tip of its upper jaw. On the rim of its mouth are several pointed, fang-like protrusions, and the nape of its neck and back have gray-silver-colored armor sections. Aggron have pointed black bands on their shoulders, and gray-silver bands on their arms and legs. Aggron that have gained gouges from previous battles apparently wear them as mementos, and it is suggested that the wounds do not heal, or do not heal rapidly, as Aggron's Black 2 and White 2 Pokdex entry states that the more wounds it has the more battles it has fought. If the wounds healed quickly or at all, they would not be visible to record these battles for the prolonged time the Pokdex implies. However, the Pokdex may be hinting that Aggron constantly battle and get many wounds in a short period of time, although the former seems more plausible.Like Steelix, Aggron's only real special ability is its incredible defense, but it does have an imposing 110 base Attack as well. Unlike other Steel-type Pokmon, Fire-type attacks are not super effective on Aggron because it is part Rock-type. Aggron also has many Dragon-like characteristics, and it can learn Dragon-type moves such as Dragon Claw, Dragon Tail, and the rarely seen Dragon Rush.As their name suggests, Aggron are very fierce and aggressive Pokmon. They are also incredibly strong. They claim entire mountains as their territory, patrolling it at all times and mercilessly beating up intruders. The gouges in its armor are apparently worn with pride as mementos from sexy asian webcam battles. If their environment is damaged by a flood or a forest fire, they will restore the area by bringing in topsoil and planting trees. Aggron have also been reported to burrow through bedrock making tunnels as it searches for iron.Aggron live in mountainous habitats and will claim an entire mountain as their territory. They also dig tunnels to live in by burrowing through bedrock with its steel horns.Much like their pre-evolutions, Aggron eat iron.Aggron's first major appearance in A Hole Lotta Trouble, under the ownership of Steven Stone. The Iron Armor Pokmon was used to send Team Rocket flying.An Aggron sent a Skarmory to kidnap an Azumarill to sing for him and his children in Pikachu's Summer Festival.Jessie and James were given a Charizard and Aggron in Grating Spaces. The two Pokmon were used to battle Ash's Donphan and Brock's Steelix. In Pokmon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! Part Two, Pokmon Hunter J's client used an Aggron to block up passages in a cave to prevent Ash and Kellyn from following him.An Aggron appeared in Trials and Adulations!, where it fought against Dawn's Mamoswine.An Aggron appeared in Familiarity Breeds Strategy! under the ownership of Paul where it was used in the battle against Ash.Aggron also made a cameo in Jirachi: Wish Maker. Brendan was using it in a Double Battle alongside a Shiftry.Tyson's Sceptile defeated an where appear monstermmorpg monster Stingall Aggron belonging to hot to get play with fake pokemon Chirdura a man named Johnny in Shocks and Bonds. Multiple Aggron appeared in Lucario and the Mystery of Mew as part of the feuding armies. Also, an Aggron under the ownership of an unnamed Trainer won against another Trainer's Hitmonlee during the town of Rota tournament.Dr. Yung used a mirage Aggron in The Mastermind of Mirage Pokmon.Conway owns an Aggron. It made a cameo in Glory Blaze!An Aggron is owned by the head engineer in Bibarel Gnaws Best!Aggron, together with its evolutionary family Aron and Lairon, appeared in Giratina and the Sky Warrior where it helped his friends to stop the glacier. An Aggron appeared in One Team, Two Team, Red Team, Blue Team! Another Aggron appeared in Steeling Peace of Mind! and Saving the World From Ruins! where it was one of the Steel-type Pokmon on Iron Island that had gone crazy due to Team Galactic.An Aggron appeared in the opening scenes of Zoroark: Master of Illusions.In Pokmon Adventures, Sapphire has a male Aggron that is nicknamed Rono, which evolved twice from the Aron that was given to her by her father, Professor Birch. It was used in her Gym battle with Brawly and against Aqua Admin Matt, as well as against Tucker, though it failed to win in all the occasions save against Matt. Giovanni later uses an Aggron to shatter Deoxys's triangular prism-like barrier with its Brick Break attack, capturing it. It has not been seen since.Based on the fact that it eats the iron, it may draw inspiration from Pulgasari, a monster which eats iron in Korean legend. It may also be based on a Triceratops and various therapods.Aggron may be a combination of aggressive, iron, and don. It may also involve aggro (British slang for aggression).Bossgodora may be a combination of boss and dragon, or may be a combination of boss and Kodora (Lairon's Japanese name). It may also involve god.monsters mmo , ice monsterAsh's Gible (Japanese: Satoshi's Fukamaru) is the fifth Pokmon caught by Ash in the Sinnoh region.Ash first met Gible in A Meteoric Rise to Excellence!. Wilma explained that Gible was trying his best to learn the move Draco Meteor. But for some reason, the move always failed; instead of exploding in the sky, it always fell to the ground and hit Piplup. Ash wanted to help the wild Gible learn Draco Meteor and achieve his dreams. He successfully used the move against Team Rocket, but failed again in his next attempt. By the end of the episode, Gible decided to start following Ash. Gible, with Ash's help, has tried to master using the move. Most of the time, the move fails and, in a recurring gag, accidentally hits Piplup, although it has been used on one occasion to find Piplup once the latter went missing, and on another occasion to differentiate him from another Piplup, which turned out to be a Ditto. Since the addition of Togekiss to Dawn's party, it became a recurrent gag that Togekiss would defend Piplup from Gible's slowly improving, but still failing, Draco Meteor and gracefully shoot it back to Gible and Ash. Eventually, Gible mastered Draco Meteor in Working on a Right Move!. In Gotta Get a Gible!, Ash met with Gible again. Barry also was interested in catching him. However, Gible decided to let Ash capture him after he saw what Ash would do to protect him. After that, Barry demanded a battle with Ash and his new Gible and was able to defeat him with Empoleon. Like Torterra during its time as a Turtwig, Gible seems to enjoy latching onto Ash's head as well as other peoples' heads (at first, like Turtwig, he used to chomp onto Ash's and other people's heads but after a little while he seemed to just latch onto people's heads without actually hurting them). Later on, he showed his habit also included rocks and tree trunks, among other objects. This also goes for things that look like those, as seen when Gible started to bite on Conway's Shuckle, as though it were a rock. Gible also has the ability to devour almost any kind of metals, seen when Gible devoured two of Team Rocket's giant robots, and half of a city park. Ash also said in Working on a Right Move! that Gible can bite at anything, including moves. Despite appearing to be quite gutsy, he is not very bright and is slow to understand simple requests or orders; on one occasion, he chewed away a section of rock despite him falling into a creek as a result, and still chewed at the rock underwater not seeming to realize he could drown and had to be saved by Buizel.Ash used Gible in Working on a Right Move! in his Lily of the Valley Conference battle against Conway. Gible was called in when Conway's Shuckle proved to be too strong for both Donphan and Noctowl. Gible managed to defeat Shuckle with a very close-range Draco Meteor and perfect the move at the fake pokemon Dynamouse same time. He was then briefly used against Lickilicky before being recalled. Finally, Gible was called out after Noctowl and Donphan fell to Dusknoir and after a tough battle, Gible defeated Dusknoir. In The Semi-Final Frontier!, he appeared again in the semi-finals, to battle Tobias. Although he managed to hit Tobias's Darkrai with Rock Smash, Darkrai recovered almost immediately and used Ice Beam on Gible. Gible dodged it and used Draco Meteor back at Darkrai. Darkrai also Floweram dodged it and finished Gible with a Dark Pulse attack. Ash left Gible at Professor Oak's Laboratory when he decided to go to Unova.Gible is quite a powerful battler, but outside of battle tends to be quite clumsy and oblivious. Gible can also be very destructive, destroying a whole park, Barry's bike and Team Rocket's mecha using nothing but his teeth. He is also quite sociable, biting people's heads to show affection. Dawn's Piplup dislikes him due to constantly being hit by his failed Draco Meteors, but Gible has no harsh feelings towards Piplup, even refusing to fight Piplup after accidentally hitting him several times with a failed Draco Meteor. After being severally scolded by Dawn's Togekiss, he reveals that he doesn't intend to hurt him, but he simply cannot avoid it, showing that he does care about Piplup.For more information on this Pokmon's species, see Gible.pokemon complete list , pokemon original pokedexLearn with Pokmon: Typing Adventure (Japanese: & Battle & Get! Pokmon Typing DS) is the first Generation V spin-off Pokmon game.The game comes with the Nintendo Wireless Keyboard, a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard that communicates with the game card, though players may also use a keyboard on the touch screen. The Japanese version is sold with two keyboard color choicesblack or white. The Japanese and English versions come with a QWERTY layout, the German version comes with a QWERTZ layout, and the French version comes with an AZERTY layout.The player, a new rookie typist, travels through various routes and areas discovering Pokmon. The game is played with an attaching keyboard. Its purpose is to teach children to type, but the developers have said older people can enjoy it as well as the levels can get very difficult. Wild Pokmon will asian web cam appear, and the player must correctly type their name to catch them. Multipliers are available if Pokmon names are typed fast enough. At the end of several stages, a boss Pokmon may appear; the bosses are Reshiram, Zekrom, Cobalion, Serperior, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Terrakion, Virizion, Zoroark, Kyogre, and Groudon. There are less than 60 courses. There are 403 Pokmon available in the game. Each course has its own features and targets required to complete them, as well as three different requirements for medals such as achieving certain point scores, capturing certain Pokmon and not making any typographical errors. In the Japanese version, the player types Pokmon's names in Rmaji; the game uses Nihon-shiki romanizations, not the trademarked ones, due to the nature of the game; for example, "Tirati-no" is used instead of Chillaccino. A new rookie typist, who is the player, meets Paige Down of the Elite Typists' Club, who investigate where Pokmon live by typing their names on a keyboard. With the player's help, the Elite Typists' Club manages to reach new areas they have never been to hot to get fake pokemon Hedger before, and together with Key and her friend Quentin Werty, they investigate 403 Pokmon, including, eventually, Reshiram and Zekrom, and gather medals to become Master Typists. Master the keyboard and catch Pokmon in this thrilling typing adventure!Type quickly! Type correctly! Use the Nintendo Wireless Keyboard to research over 400 Pokmon in locations such as the desert, forest, mountains, beaches and many more... Torchic, Pikachu and Victini standing on the first letters of their romanized Japanese namesthe game pokemon , mt608-2Damian (Japanese: Daisuke) is a young boy who likes strong Pokmon. He first appeared in the Pokmon anime as a character of the day in Charmander The Stray Pokmon, and was the original owner of Ash's Charmander.He made a later Best Free Games appearance in The Electric Tale of Pikachu, a manga based on the anime. An unnamed character with a similar role appears in Pokmon Yellow Version. Damian is the character of the day who appeared in the episode Charmander The Stray Pokmon.Ash, Misty, and Brock got lost on their way to Vermilion City. They found a Charmander waiting on a rock, the weak flame on its tail indicating that it was in poor health. Ash tried to catch it, but Charmander batted away Ash's Pok Balls. Charmander explained to Pikachu that it already had a Trainer who it was waiting for. The trio left and went to the local Pokmon Center after it started to rain. Brock and the others recovered Charmander and had it taken care of at the Pokmon Center. As soon as it felt better, Charmander left to wait for Damian once again.Team Rocket later tried to steal Pikachu, but Charmander chased them away with a Flamethrower attack. Ash asked Charmander to join them, but Damian showed up, having seen the fight, and said that he had purposely left Charmander alone to toughen it up. In fact, Damian was glad he didn't have to go through the trouble of raising Charmander himself. Damian ordered Charmander to return, but Charmander wanted to stay with Ash. Enraged, Damian tried to attack the group with his other Pokmon, but a combined attack from Charmander and Pikachu scared Damian away for good.Damian appeared in a flashback in BW116.This listing is of Damian's known Pokmon in the anime:Damian once held the ownership of this Charmander. Later, however, he started to think it was too weak and left it on top of a big rock and told it to wait for him, leaving it unaware that he was never going to return. When Ash and his friends heard about this, they retrieved Charmander, saving it from a downpour. Later, after seeing how Charmander defeated Team Rocket, Damian wanted Charmander to return to his team. However, witnessing Damian's purely selfish motivation, Charmander was unwilling to do this, and joined Ash's team instead. He has many other Pokmon which were not shown.Damian makes an appearance in The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga, but with a much different, nicer personality. His Charmander had been left waiting for him for ten days, so a Squirtle convinced it and Ash's Pikachu to join him on a trip to the Hidden Village.There, Charmander was reunited with Damian. Damian had gone shopping when an accident put him in a coma. He thought Charm