One-third Of Kids With Obesity 'metabolically Healthy,' Study Shows

"Obesity is often described as a complex disease with lots of causes and lots of consequences. Not everyone has the same consequences," he said. "Someone with Type 2 diabetes could have less body fat than somebody who has quite a bit more body fat and doesn't have Type 2 diabetes. There is considerable variability between individuals." Ball said the findings should help physicians and other health professionals understand the complexity of obesity for treating patients and prioritizing referral to specialized weight-management care. Roughly two million young, obese Canadians meet eligibility criteria for such treatmentfar more than the two dozen or so clinics across the country can accommodate, he added. For Edmonton-area patients, having access to the comprehensive management approach at the Stollery's Pediatric Centre for Weight and Health means families receive the most appropriate intervention based on their health status and individual needs. The multidisciplinary team, including a physician, registered nurse, registered dietitian, exercise specialist, and psychologist provide healthy lifestyle messages to children and families that assist them on their journey towards greater health and well-being.