One Thing After Another.....

This post week has been so surreal. Last Sat, April 13, 2013, will forever scar my memory.  My family and I were on our way to my son's soccer game at 9am. Our car was stopped at a stop light, waiting for it to turn green. My husband was busy teasing me about naming our next child Willy. Then all of a sudden we were struck from behind by another vehicle going 50 mph. One moment I'm smiling at my husband, the next I'm thrown forward in my seat. I realize I can't breath. My son is screaming in the back seat that he can't breath.  My husband is hunched over, curled in a fetal position crying "ow" softly to himself. Meanwhile, our car is limping forward nearly knocked to the next light. 
We finally stop moving. Both my husband's and my seats have broken backwards into the middle seat. My son is trapped under my husband's seat in his booster seat. My body is screaming in pain at me. I'm terrified bc my family s hurt and I can't help them. I can't see anything bc my glasses have flown off my face. I immediately realize we're stuck in the middle of the road and are sitting ducks if another vehicle comes and hits us. I start searching for my phone to call 911. It's in my pocket luckily. I call and the operator demands to know where we're at. I have no clue. Somehow my son has wiggled out from behind My husband. he's OK. All 3 of us are taken to  hospital.
I have sprained ankles, wrists, whiplash, concussion and lots of bruising. My son has a scrape on his arm and whiplash. My husband broke his back, blacked out, concussion, whiplash, and numerous contusions. The bastard That hit us was unconscious for 5 says. He broke his femur and pelvis with multiple brain injuries. He snuck out of the hospital after he woke up and disappeared.
Now I'm terrified to drive or ride in a car. My son is Just as scared. We're all hurt and have a long road to travel to heal.