One of my hubs was unpublished due to adult content.

The hub in question does not have any videos in it. Just a few pictures from my local campground, and a cartoon, which I drew myself. There was a 2nd cartoon, but I removed it. In the cartoon one of the guys was mooning others in the cartoon. But, that's something you can see on any cartoon. Family Guy, South Park, American Dad, you name it. It's a totally harmless image. I can't figure out why it was flagged other than that.I wonder if it - Brutal Castings - could be because the subject of the hub is a gay subject. I can't think of any logical reason. Though Amazon was advertising an adult video magazine on my hub, which I removed. If that's the case, sue Amazon, don't blame me for it. The adds on hubs seem to change without warning. Nothing I can do about that. One reason why I just removed it, so that won't happen again.