One more goal with motivation

So i did not achieve my goal to lose five pounds by yesterday. in fact, i had actually gained five pounds. how in the world does that happen. well i decided to start a new goal but this one has more motivation so that i will be able to achieve it. i want to lose at least 20 pounds by March 25th. my motivation is well my self confidence. on march 25th myself and my family are leaving for our cruise for miami, key west, and cozumel mexico. since i do have a very low self image of myself i want to lose weight in order to make myself feel better being in a bathing suit in front of so many strangers. i did however work on my goal to "be a better me". i went with my parents to the local blood drive last night. i have a huge fear of needles being stuck in me (which is weird cuz of my own bad habit of cutting myself), but i worked up the guts and donated blood. i was so proud of my self to be able to do something that i have feared for so long. i will still be nervous the next time but i will definately go back and do it again, it helps other people and i love to help others when i can.  other than that i am hanging in and trying to stay positive about everything.