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The shops body shop: who is the main body to fight off the future channel ups and downs

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Suning Appliance director Zhang Yuandong few days before the electronic business weaknesses. The message says, the Ministry of commerce is drafting a closed in the support traditional trade enterprises to enter the e-commerce, "the document, will be of traditional trade companies to enter the electronic commerce to conduct special funding, to spur trade enterprises to collect trafficking mobilization stores selling.

Is the shop by true body shop?

The amount of doubt online shop cost price of the sale is not permanent

Although the electronic commerce industry is only white water, but the death of the idea behind the rise of the rare dividend. That becomes the traditional enterprise to the electronic commerce form proposed the quantity doubt according to. Suning Appliance director Zhang Far East Daybaidu seoFormer music refers to the electronic business weaknesses. Zhang Yuandong thought that the smooth flow of the industry is bound to have an accompanying impairment, but the online business Township most of the product cost price of the sale, which can not provide an accompanying impairment, it does not fit the trade discipline.

Zhang Yuandong implies, of course, the 21st century is network era, information age, nothing more than the Internet just a information platform, which means late to do trade flow of the foundation. It is thought that any of the instruments of the instrument of the accompanying impairment is not permanent. The electronic commerce enterprise has not become the tributary of the indecent surface to get some traditional enterprise boss support. Is money earns cry outside, no field experience is the traditional trade enterprises CEO of online selling the most talked about the shortcomings. The decision of the which acted as the only remedy instinct function. http://www.purevolume.com/mafribelnpwjz5gmq8h4/posts/10144061/New+feet+less+how+to+plan+my+website+style--

Jinyuan Yansha mall general manager Fu Yuebai suggested shopping experience is a kind of enjoyment of the process, click only provide convenient and cannot provide shopping with to the pleasure of consumption, its all made about online shopping development is the main factor. A supermarket is out of course, although the indirect networkonline marketingPurchase easy to shake the traditional channel tributary of the position, but the wo I mart, Tesco Chinese whole sell giant has opened the online sale business war traditional channel trafficking accounted for than answer the problem. According to the data shown publicly funded, the whole sell giant online selling easy sales stores occurred is equal.

The traditional whole sell channel speak initiative to defend the war

Although the traditional enterprise didnt trust online shopping will replace stores selling, but traditional enterprise initiative has been defend war, on enlightened net Shang Xiang shunt customers of online shopping. China Association of chain in January of Tiannian night chain enterprises in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other query visit data show that respondents throughout mentioned began to save networkdigital marketingPurchase of business, the chain of enterprises in Shanghai online shopping business focus on the next most. Shanghai has been opened at the end of the year to ngs supermarket online shopping business, now is the perfect system to support and to store goods business. According to understanding, the current COFCO has opened my shopping network, Xidan Huan Hui reduction on the eve of the efforts to promote the online Shang Xiang, domestic appliance whole sell giant has entered the online sales.

IResearch consulting analysis that the division Zhang Suze. After a few years, the traditional enterprise will show net tide, the number of B2C enterprises will quickly drop. The message says, the Ministry of commerce is drafting a closed in the support traditional trade enterprises to enter the e-commerce, "the document, will be of traditional trade companies to enter the electronic commerce to conduct special funding, to spur trade enterprises to collect trafficking mobilization stores selling.

China Electronic Commerce Research Center analysis thinks, followed the electronic commerce is becoming the main thing for our countrys transnational business, electronic commerce is by B2B extended to B2C. While the state coherent part will introduce preferential pace, minus the eve of the traditional trade enterprises to enter the electronic commerce. Traditional trade enterprises with excellent doubt destroyed and sell service, of course, there are more traditional whole sell giant involved, but current traditional whole sell online Shang Xiang burden more is a brand effect. http://en.hk-seo.com/

Channel to master the need to have supplier capital

Traditional real store or e-commerce, who read into the main channel is not the main channel to consume the entire war master. At present, there is no dispute, the traditional true body stores trafficking or manufacturers of secondary drains. To home appliance manufacturers, for example, hard to humanitarian color Haineimou online from traditional two of the eve of the channel tributary of the results imply that current home appliance stores or at the center of the most selling channels that the online sale channel of more days is for products display suspected war information released.

Mr. Wang is not only the capital of three hypermarkets of small household electrical appliances suppliers also have kitchen war, my companys online mall. About the job of the online provider Township, Wang Shichang teachers suggest that online business township is only maintained in the form of the companys secondary profits and business or traditional sale of the traditional store. According to a diamond dealer introduction, the diamond product not only is a tributary of the channel to sell online shopping and, there is a counter. Is its look, online shopping is the real store is two different channels of consumption, the two are no content to ignore, the main side of the dispute has the need to.

Expert view

Online shopping really body shop can not replace each other

Is the e-commerce enterprises take the traditional enterprise channel tributary of the dispute, the experts indecent as if more pertinent. Beijing trade and economic church Secretary less good Yang believes that online business township will certainly have a blow to the real store, but can not replace the real store, the two are certain to blend. If the traditional enterprise do not hit, the market will be an inseparable, but also needs to have the true body shop online help, goodWechat MarketingThe friends of music online business than the township was opened at the same time the true body shop. About the consumer to go, whether online business Township borrow is the traditional real storeWeb DesignIs a unified service platform. Who can offer the price of the reasonable, convenient service, who will have a disadvantage. Although e-commerce is currently increasing rate is very indecent, but after reaching the inevitable level, its attractiveness will become strong, diluted profit, increase rate will respond to add slow. Good Yang analysis.

E-commerce analysis Division round Ying Zhi the analysis thinks, relating to the traditional enterprise to speak, line true body shop selling is group merit will occupy a relatively high share of online sales help channel; but for good in order to preserve the online B2C enterprises to way, development potential is also very attractive. In the future, the real store and e-commerce certainly coexist. But with the climax of e-commerce to go, its infrastructure equipment, the death of the service industry and the law system inexhaustible perfect, e-commerce will take a revolution to the traditional enterprise.