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TL; DR It happened a few years back. I had success with one customer named Christine, who was cheating on her husband and was not psychologically stable. I was 24, full time student and part time liquor store worker (the position was a hybrid between manager, a stock boy and cashier). That was a big mistake and after I dumped her, I started looking for an older woman who was more sane and not married (married women are nothing but trouble).

El was around 52 going on 53, divorced, smart, sane, and liked the attention I was giving her. Working in the liquor store I had access to a lot of middle aged mature nude women who were either single or divorced and mature nude photos middle aged women very discrete about their desires. I have not had a serious relationship yet and was only interested in banging older women.

I helped her with it and we exchanged our BBM numbers. After a few brief encounters, she asked me if I know how to use BBM (BlackBerry Messenger). I want to tell you how this lady rocked my world and made me the man I am today so I will start from the beginning. She is about 5’ 7", light brown skin, warm dark brown eyes, long black hair that reached the middle of her back, big natural boobies with dark nipples that were as big as blueberries.

That is how it all started and until this day this lady is the best fuck I have ever had. El was from Mexico and moved to the U. when a very prominent medical school accepted her. El worked out regularly and she was in better shape than many of the younger girls I knew. Her scent was unique and pleasant and her skin was soft and warm. Her stomach was flat despite the fact that she was of age and had birthed two children her butt was nice and round.

When she wore clothes, I just wanted to rip them off her and when she was naked, I was always hard just looking at her. Her children were away and we have been BBMing for about two days. The first time we hung out was at her house. They must have been DD or DDD, I never asked, I was too busy playing with them. There was one customer, who caught my eye.

Even after all those years, I get hard when I think about her. I told her to I would like vodka neat and she left to the kitchen to bring it to me. She had invited over her neighbor and asked me if I would like to join them. As soon as she stood up from the couch, her neighbor sat down and without missing a beat placed her hand on my thigh.

She was not my type so I did not react to it and just let it play off. When I walked through the door of El’s town house, I could see the surprise on her neighbor’s face. Her neighbor was a divorcee as well, in her mid to late 30s, 5’ 2", bolt on tits, blond hair, pretty skinny with no ass. I found this insanely hot and my dick started poking upwards.

El showed me to the couch and asked me if I wanted a drink. As El was walking back towards me from the front door, all I could think about was how I will eat her out and fuck her brains out. She sat next to me, I wrapped my arm around her and kissed her plum lips.

After about an hour her neighbor and her friend with benefits left giving El and I all the time in the world (later I found that her neighbor was not attracted to that other dude and she went home right after). 10 minutes after that her neighbor’s friend with benefits arrived and that gave El and I some uninterrupted time. When El came back with my vodka, she sat on my left side and placed her hand on my other thigh letting her neighbor know that she needs to back off.

With my tongue deep in her mouth my hands slid down her sides and came up again. None of them noticed, and I did not make it a point either. I could not get enough of her and the idea of fucking her was driving me crazy. We continued to make out while our hands were exploring each other’s bodies. When I reached her boobs, I squeezed them and she gave out a slight moan.

As I moved from her mouth down to the side of her neck, I grabbed her hair and pulled her head to the side. God, just take me to mature women naked pic my bed. At this moment she whispered "Take me to my bed. I laid her down on the couch and continued making out with her while I was on top of her.

On the way up, I was looking at her hips move and still could not believe that I will get to fuck this gorgeous woman. " I stood up, she jumped up, grabbed me by my hand and rushed me upstairs to her bedroom. By the time we got to the second floor my belt was already off, the top button of my jeans was unbuttoned, one shoe was off, in other words I was trying to get naked as soon as possible because I wanted to be balls deep inside her.

At this point I decided that I will fuck her without a condom and I will cum inside her. After hearing that, I reached for the bottom of her shirt and slowly pulled it up, revealing the bra that covering her big breasts. With our tongues chasing each other, I placed my hands on her tummy, my thumbs touching right under her belly button and slowly moved my hands towards her back, then sliding down and grabbing her round firm and squeezing it.

I want fill your pussy up. As we walked into her bedroom, she spun around, grabbed my head from behind and pulled me in and kissed me. " She pulled back, smiled, and took of my shirt. First I started with a closed mouth kiss which quickly evolved into full on make out session.

El looked at me and told me that she wanted to taste me. I gave out a slight moan and then I said to her " all over 30 models I want to feel you. " She tried to protest, but I already had started kissing her neck and making my way towards her dripping wet milf pussy pictures. I looked back at her and said "No, I want to eat you.

I was so hard, I knew that if I had let her blow me or had I started fucking her I would not last long. Within seconds we managed to be completely naked, laying on her bed making out like teenagers. I wanted to tease her a little and I placed my mouth right on top of her clit without touching it and I stood there for a few seconds, inhaling through my nose and exhaling through my mouth.

I opened my lips a little more and placed them right on top on her clit, then slowly pressed them together. At this point she grabbed my head and pressed it into her crotch while giving out a loud grunt. I bit her clit using my lips to cover my teeth, sucked it in a little and started making round motions with my tongue on the part of her clit that was in my mouth.

By the time I had reached just below her belly button, she was squirming like crazy, moving her hips in slow round motions, giving out slight moans. After that I stuck my tongue out as far as I could and with the tip of it I went from the top to the bottom of her pussy. When I got to the bottom, I grabbed her hips, stuck my tongue inside her and tongue fucked her for 30 seconds before she pulled my head up and told me to fuck her.

As I made my way up, she positioned her hips right under my pelvic and slowly thrust them up, making sure her dripping wet pussy was rubbing against my throbbing cock. She liked it and I decided to have some fun with that. I slowly slid my cock inside her, both of us giving out a loud moan at the same time. My warm breath drove her crazy and she started moaning even louder.

My hard dick was rubbing against her wet pussy and it was the best feeling in the world. It was the first time something like that happened to me and I was enjoying every moment of it. She was so tight, so wet, and her big breasts were like a pillow for me. I was breathing on the side of her neck and my thrusts were becoming faster and deeper.

When she wrapped her legs around my waist it drove me crazy, I wanted to cum deep inside her right then and there. I pushed my torso up, pinned her shoulders down and started fucking her. I placed my hands mature nude women under her back, grabbed her shoulders and continued fucking her. I could feel her warm juices continuing to pour out as my dick was pumping her.

She spread her legs out, giving me full access to her pussy and I started fucking her as hard as I could. With every thrust I made she moaned louder and I was getting closer to the brink. She was so tight that while I was penetrating her my foreskin pulled all the way back and my tender head was rubbing against her wet walls. That almost brought me to an instant orgasm.

I collapsed on top of her, without pulling out. I could feel my sperm getting required from my epididymis and traveling through the vas deferens. After few more powerful trusts, I could not hold it and I started shooting my cum deep inside her while she was grunting like an animal.

We started making out and I could feel how sensitive my dick was and how warm she was. After a few more minutes, I moved on the other side of the bed, hugged her and told her that it was the best orgasm I have ever had. "I still want to taste you. I could feel her fast heart beat and she told me she could feel mine.

I was an animal and she was the one who would receive every single last drop of my sperm. The harder I was fucking her, the more I wanted to cum inside her. I knew I was in for a treat, but did not expect that we would have so much fun together.