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ClassifiedSiteForFreeAdPosting-vi.jpgThe second time was when my first high school love brought up the idea of bringing another man into our sex life (we were both 8 by now). There are two specific moments in my life when I older women pictures remember the feeling gripping me. The first of these moments was the first time I saw a naked woman's body when I was a young boy, perky breasts and wide smile naked older nude women women looking back at me between banner ads on www.

I remember us jokingly mentioning it as I was walking her to her bus at the end of the school day, and I remember how our expressions changed as we looked at one another's face realizing collectively that we both wanted this to be more than just a fantasy. But I love the idea of seeing her in this most intimate and vulnerable of moments, vicariously sharing her pleasure- and playing an active part in pleasing her.

A heaving, monstrous wave of lust that left me unable to think of anything else. New girls passed through my heart and my bed in the great sexual kaleidoscope of my early 0s. Only one stuck around for long, and I'll call her D for short. It turned me on like a jolt of lightning shooting up from my older women pictures groin and showering sizzling sparkles through my brain; I would lay awake at night with her fuzzy voice whispering through the telephone the play-by-play of what I was going to see; how she would hold her legs up for him, the jiggle of her voluptuous breasts as she bounced on his cock for me; the spit dripping down his balls as she took him in her mouth.

I was at a party images Hot Moms near my house years later when she called me in the middle of the night. But that prowling, primal desire never left my head. I remember how vigorously she kissed me the first night we met, and dragged me into the bathroom of a concert to show me how her skinny brown body and luscious breasts would feel wrapped around my cock.

" "Yeah, I'm down the street" I said. It never happened and my high school flame came and went. I wouldn't say I'm into cuckolding per se; I'm turned off by that particular fetish's obsession with humiliation. " She laughed at herself when she asked me. "I'm at a party nearby.

If you want to bring someone from there over, I think it'd be fun :). I was a little drunk and didn't really expect anything to come of it when I texted her. He was visibly nervous, babbling "yeah, really nice to meet you. "Would you be interested in having a threesome with me and another guy tonight? I hope this is okay, sort of a weird way to meet someone.

both going to fuck this girl right now? " I was just shooting in the dark, so the last thing I expected when she opened the all over thirty door to my apartment was for her to step aside to introduce him to me. Do you want to fuck tonight? Her little green dress slipped off her slender tan frame and she began to undulate and writhe as she straddled him and they began breathing heavier. "Hey, are you by your house?

His dick popped out of his pants as he pulled them down, and she crammed him into her mouth and slurped it to the back of her throat. He was squeezing her toned ass as he slipped her pink thong off in a single movement, and her back arched deeply as he ran his fingers over her pussy lips. She laughed out loud, and as her laughter calmed down she took a deep breath, and turned towards him as they began passionately kissing.

Don't forget about me. " We all sat down on either side of her on the bed when I turned to him to diffuse the tension a bit. They were still visibly nervous when she took her bra off and put his hands on her little black nipples, and then she slid down to her knees kissing his crotch. " I was hard as a rock as she turned towards me, her face full of naughty joy.

As he took his shirt off I called out to her from the chair I was sitting in; "Hey D! "Are you ready to fuck her? I still remember the caress of her lips around my shaft as she worked me into the back of her throat. " I asked him and he nodded as he laid back on the bed from where she had just blown him. He was pretty well endowed, but she had lots of experience handling big dicks from sucking mine.

She moaned in short, frenetic bursts before I asked her to lay on her back with her head off the bed. kellyrush90269.pen.io She let us take her completely now, taking turns stuffing our cocks down her throat while the other felt her sopping wet pussy lips against our balls. She looked me dead in the eye as she pulled him into her; her lips expanded around him as she took him all the way, and there she was, completely skewered by his massive cock, mature women pictures her perky tits out in the air for him to grab, and staring at me as she began to bounce up and down on him.

She crawled on hands and knees and embraced every inch of me in her mouth. She stood up on the bed over him facing me, and her skinny legs bowed as she grabbed his cock and squatted over him. After sucking us both so deeply, she was too wet for him to pass up. He watched as I held her legs up in the air and fucked her brains out, and just as I knew she was about to cum I pulled out and beckoned him over- "make her cum, dude".

We fucked her pretty much everywhere in the house and in every position. I was relaxing a bit just sitting and watching him fuck her on my desk when he started losing himself in her. She got spit roasted, spread open wide on the coffee table while she slobbered all over the other cock, and each shivering orgasm she had was with a different cock plunged into the deepest parts of her pussy.

" He stumbled backwards onto my bed as she shoved his cock vigorously into the back of her throat. She let out long, howling moans as she came on his pounding cock. He was going wild right before he came. Her pussy was gaping open with her legs wide open before he stepped over her and stuffed her for all she was worth.

He began breathing slower and slower as he finished bursting in her mouth, and she took her time sliding off of him as she turned towards me. She looked deep into my eyes as she opened wide to show me a mouth filled to the brim with his cum. As he came I told her, "you'd better let me see all that cum in your mouth". "Wow" she said, "you fucked the SHIT out of me.

As we lay there panting she turned to me and said "that was fucking crazy. After he was gone I was very gentle with her body as I mounted her and let all the night's cum out into her soft pussy. She never broke her gaze but smiled a bit to herself as she swallowed it all. And you know what's the craziest part? I don't even know that guy's name.

" throwawaytree778 "Oh my god D, your pussy is so wet, you've been so wet this whole night (he wasn't lying), I think I'm about to. As he was putting on his clothes to leave D and I were still naked on the bed fondling each other.