Old Hub Suddenly Unpublished Due to Adult Content.

HubPages has been tightening up publishing on this site for over a year now, and having older content get flagged is now fairly common.From the HubPages FAQ:3. I want to publish Hubs about adult topics. What is allowed?Hubs are not allowed to contain adult content. Below are some examples of prohibited adult content; this should not be interpreted as exhaustive list of what is prohibited. Further, your Hubs must also comply with Google AdSense Program Policy on Adult Content.The following are not allowed:Inappropriate language, including excessive profanityContent on sexual aids, toys, or enhancementsFetish content or content with sexual intentSexually explicit content, including descriptions of sexual acts, tips, or practicesMail order brides, escort services, adult or sexual datingNudity and lewd, obscene, or provocative images (including strategically covered nudity, see-through or sheer clothing, and close-ups of breasts, butts, or crotches)Or, links to sites that contain any of the aboveHubs that are produced in a professional style, that use medical terms rather than slang, and that are not attempting to sell dubious treatments http://free-shemale-webcams.blogtur.com - free shemale webcams - or products are more likely to be evaluated favorably. If you are unsure if your content is allowed, please contact us for a clarification before publishing your Hubs.You should also be aware that advertising may automatically be disabled on potentially adult content, and on content that touches on certain sensitive topic areas.You can find more details in the Learning Center.