ok well this suxs

well with everything good there is a bad thing one good thing is im done with gov and with math and english i may be done! and i got Golden carrel which is a buffett treat of my mom and her bf its awsome however my stupid ex-gf caused problems and put me in the middle the people invovled bitched out at me so i called her and bitched out her and she threatened my life this isnt the first time she has done so. So in reaction i got pissed and told her if she threatens my life that im done! ill let the person she cheated on go after her (the gf of the guy) or have another person shes flurting with (or used to ) ill let that gf go after her im done! its her problem but god help her if she threatens me again! Im tierd of being scared including cuz of fat exs! Grf im still pissed at her but not AS pissed i guess....pretty close though someone died that used to go to our school so everyone is tensed up alot of people liked him..me personally didnt like him that much but ill keep my respect for him he wasnt that mean just being himself so i can def respect him.    My ex thinks the guy that she cheated with may have been involved with the death of the guy and i told her 1.we dont know how he died 2.where he was 3.who saw him last i mean come on! sighs im teired of all the drama but ill try to help her out unless she threatnes me again then shes on her own again!!!!!