Of all in the employees, the ones

Of all in the employees, the ones that bring the best FUT 16 Coins and several tangible results would function as the scouts.While the assistant managers might use they all day long, the scouts take presctiption an outing assessing other teams and players.A lot from the work might be in vain ' a scout might watch players all climates and seasons looking for someone suitable without finding him ' but without scouts you can't really build a way of forthing games.In the FIFA Manager 10 main menu, visit Scouting ' from this level, you can look in the currently employed scouts (new ones might be acquired via Staff > Search) in addition to their currently assigned tasks. For the most effective results, it is advisable to have one scout assigned the task of watching the next opponent.Assign tasks by clicking the Assign New Task button, and selecting one in the following items:Watch Next Opponent - this is determined by who the next scheduled opponent is inside the fixture calendarWatch a Match - a country, petition and fixture might be selected hereMonitor a Player ' pick a person player being scouted from your Short List, a Transfer List or based on location and teamGeneral Scouting ' this might be setup to show a scout to search for just about any particular type of player of any age and ability. http://fifa16.vipmmobank.com