October 12, 2019

Dear Journal

yesterday night was amazing!!! I went to see Hugh Jackman with my mom. if anyone saw the movie The Greatest Show Man, I have the music stuck in my head and now will be singing it for the next weeks. going to concerts is just so much fun. and the Hugh Jackman concert was just magical. the music, the people. it was just so nice. thousands of people coming together and singing and laughing and having all the fun time. there was a point in the concert that Hugh Jackman was talking about aging and birthdays since his birthday is today, but it felt like he was talking to me. he was saying how we shouldn't be afraid of changing and growing old.

My birthday is just two more days away. yes thinking about it I still feel scared and feeling like I might throw up but Hugh Jackman made me feel less scared. This is just the beginning. there will be more changes in the future. but if I learned something from being alive this long is that I'm brave. I can do this. it will be scary, but I will be ok. we all will be ok.