October 12

Our cruise is in 17 days.  I started this exercise/diet on Sept. 13th.  I'd actually started my walking several months before that but broke my ankle.  That time down forced me to look at my behavior and relationship with food...the emotional eating.  The turning to food when stressed or happy or sad or mad.  I was actually eating all of the time, and never felt better.  
Granted, revving up to a cruise is fantastic motivation.  We're going w/ 10 other family members, folks I LOVE to be around.  The other reason it's so easy to be "on plan" now is that it's autumn in Nebraska, my very favorite time of year.  So, I'm really digging down and trying to reason out and understand this destructive relationship with food.  I want to enjoy food as a normal weight person.  I'm also trying to pay attention to the pain and sickness overindulging gives me.  Food is fuel, and too much is poison and torture.  
I want to come back from the Caribbean and create my own little warm and inviting place in our home.  A place where I can escape and meditate and read.  This weekend I'm part of a leadership team for a women's retreat.  The Retreat is called "Paths to Wholeness".  And the object is to discern and create Sacred Spaces.  
Don't know how to wrap this entry up so, will just say, "be kind to yourself today".



I love the name of the retreat. Hope your foot is healing.
You also be kind to yourself today.