Obstetrics Consultant Accra

We offer a full-range of Obstetric services ranging from prenatal, fetal monitoring, delivery and post-natal. Our maternity care unit consists of modern delivery rooms. Our hospital is a top choice for many expectant mothers because of the great services we offer and the special individual attention we give to make the overall birth experience as comfortable as possible. We offer additional unique services such baby photography and birth registration upon patient’s request and prior notice.


We also hold interactive antenatal classes with expectant mothers where we show videos and documentaries of pregnancy and related topics to educate and prepare them for delivery and the after-birth experience.


Our hospital has the latest ultrasound equipment to give a photographic view of the baby and detect any birth concerns.


Phone NO :  +233 302 736107/0267010065


Email us : info@airportwomenshospital.com.gh


Website - http://airportwomenshospital.com.gh/ 


Visit Link - http://airportwomenshospital.com.gh/services/obstetrics/


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