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Fox News poll: Voters pessimistic, scared about ObamaCare

As part of the event, President Obama delivered remarks detailing progress toward his ConnectED goal of connecting 99% of students to next-generation broadband and wireless technology within five years. Additionally, National Geographic Channel hosted 100 teachers in Washington, D.C. this week winners of the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST) for a sneak peek at COSMOS. The educators represented all 50 states, D.C. and Puerto Rico. President Obama hosted themon Mondaynight for a reception honoring their commitment to and excellence in education. After the cross-network premiere event, COSMOS: A SPACETIME ODYSSEY will continue its epic 13-episode run, airingSundays(9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX, andMondays with all-new bonus footage and behind-the-scenes content on the National Geographic Channel (NGC) (10:00-11:00 PM ET/PT). More than three decades after the debut of Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, Carl Sagans stunning and iconic exploration of the universe as revealed by science, Seth MacFarlane has teamed with Sagans original creative collaborators writer/executive producer Ann Druyan and co-writer, astronomer Steven Soter to conceive the 13-part series that will serve as a successor to the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning original series. Carl Sagans original series Cosmos was first broadcast in 1980 and remains the most globally successful American public television series of all time. Seen by more than 750 million viewers, Cosmos has remained popular throughout the world. As with the legendary original series, the new COSMOS is the saga of how we discovered the laws of nature and found our coordinates in space and time. The series brings to life never-before-told stories of the heroic quest for knowledge, transporting viewers to new worlds and across the universe for a vision of the cosmos on the grandest and the smallest scale.The series invents new modes of scientific storytelling to reveal the grandeur of the universe and re-invent celebrated elements of the original series, including the Cosmic Calendar and the Ship of the Imagination. The most profound scientific concepts are presented with stunning clarity, uniting skepticism and wonder, and weaving rigorous science with the emotional and spiritual into a transcendent experience. COSMOS: A SPACETIME ODYSSEYis produced by Cosmos Studios, the Ithaca, NY-based company Ann Druyan co-founded in 2000, and Fuzzy Door Productions, MacFarlanes company. Druyan and Steven Soter are the series writers. Druyan, MacFarlane, Cosmos Studios President Mitchell Cannold and Brannon Braga(the Star Trek franchise, 24) executive-produce the series. clicking here http://tv.yahoo.com/news/obama-intro-fox-nat-geo-cosmos-debut-190003108.html

Fox News Analyst Links Craigslist Killer To 'Dark Souls'

The Fox News veteran left for the troubled region after doing the Monday broadcast of his regular program, Shepard Smith Reporting, and has been reporting live since Tuesday. Smith is in Kiev today, but has also been to Crimea, where, he said in an interview,things just kept changing before us as he and his crew visited naval installations and talked with people there. But Smith isnt just relying on the usual TV-news tools when visiting a country in crisis. Since early October, the chief news anchor of the 21st Century Fox-owned cable-news outlet has been operating with a new command center, known as The Fox News Deck at the ready. The modern-day studio has a team monitoring real-time news feeds and social media, and, Smith feels, has given him an advantage while in the field. They had tweets from the west coast of Crimea that Russians had somehow sunk a third ship to make access to the port more difficult, Smith recounted. We cant go with it, but we are able to start making some decisions and can get that confirmed. Later on, it popped up on the BBC, and Im like, Our system is working. Its really nice to be able to get information in advance. In his recent broadcasts, Smith reported from Crimea about a United Nations representative who felt threatened after he was surrounded by a mob and told to leave. In other segments, he has interviewed Stuart Holliday, a former U.S. ambassador for special political affairs at the U.N. about how lawmakers in Crimea moved to split from Ukraine and join Russia. Smith said he encountered no problems getting about in Crimea, but noted there are people looking to harass news correspondents. You get harassed a little bit by some who call themselves the independent security force. Some of them are original and some of them, I think, are just troublemakers. He has been particularly taken with Independence Square in Kiev, which has become what he called a congress of canvas filled with tents from various protest organizations that want to help residents keep things going. do you agree http://variety.com/2014/tv/news/shepard-smith-mixes-social-media-traditional-tactics-in-fox-news-excursion-to-ukraine-1201127812/

Pessimistic is on top: 49 percent say it describes how they feel. ADVERTISEMENT Next is scared (45 percent), followed by angry (43 percent). On the positive side, 40 percent of voters are optimistic about Obamacare, 24 percent are proud and 21 percent feel excited. READ THE FULL POLL RESULTS A 63-percent majority of Democrats feels optimistic about the law, while less than half are proud (46 percent) or excited (40 percent). Those are the three sentiments Republicans and independents are least likely to feel. Two-thirds of Republicans say angry (68 percent), scared (67 percent) and pessimistic (66 percent) describe how they feel about the health care law. For independents, the top three emotions are pessimistic (49 percent), scared (41 percent) and angry (43 percent). Overall, the new poll, released Thursday, finds that 38 percent of voters favor the health care law, while 57 percent oppose it. In January, it was 36-59 percent. Fully 91 percent of Republicans, 60 percent of independents and 27 percent of Democrats oppose the law. A 68-percent majority of Democrats favors it. Those under 35 are more inclined than other age groups to like Obamacare, and those living in lower income households are more likely to favor it than higher earners. Voters remain unhappy with President Obamas performance on health care: 59 percent of disapprove, including 30 percent of Democrats. Just 36 percent of voters approve of the job hes doing. That matches a previous low approval in November (36 approved, 61 disapproved). Last month it was 38-59 percent. i was reading this http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/03/06/fox-news-poll-voters-pessimistic-scared-about-obamacare/

Shepard Smith Mixes Social Media, Traditional Tactics In Fox News Excursion to Ukraine

There are plenty of pundits in the media with very little understanding of video games who are quick to link killers motivation to their gaming or film tastes. But I never expected to seeDark Souls join this pantheon. Well, it turns out that Craigslist killer Miranda Barbour is a fan of From Softwares dark, death-laden game. Thats a point raised byFox News Legal Analyst Peter Johnson Jr. who brings up the game without offering any actual analysis about how it may have impacted Barbours desire to kill. We do know that she has an affinity for the fantasy game calledDark Soul[sic], Johnson said on Fox News , which is a very dark, death-laden video game thats on PlayStation and other kinds of video-type things where theres a lot of killing involved. Barbour has confessed to over 20 murders, though police have not been able to corroborate her confession with any actual killings or other evidence. Barbour also claims these murders were part of a Satanic cult, so its little wonder media is quick to link a game with a scary name likeDark Soulsto her violent behavior. To be fair, this is little more than name-dropping of a game that nobody on the news program has likely ever heard of, and its really terrific advertising forDark Souls II which launches next Tuesday. Still, its irritating. Whenever theres a shooting or a serial killer in the news, video games are front and center, whether or not the people commenting on these games have ever even played them. Meanwhile, others on Fox like John Stossel have offered up very savvy rebukes of the video games cause violence argument. additional resources http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2014/03/04/fox-news-analyst-links-craigslist-killer-to-dark-souls/