Nyc Council Considers Electronic Cigarette Ban

'Smokeless' Cigarette's Hapless Start

They have been instrumental, for me, to remain smoke free, said Andrew Martin, an 18-year-old who said he took up smoking cigarettes at age 16. He also groused that he didnt believe public health experts who warned that the inhalers, which often look just like real cigarettes, might be dangerous. These people would try to get you to prohibit penicillin ... V2 electric cigarette, LEARN MORE AT:

Electronic Cigarette Ban Considered By New York City Council

''They might say: 'I'm not going to get over it. I want to see ashes.' '' The tobacco company has spent around $300 million on research, development and marketing the Premier, according to Roy Burry, a tobacco industry analyst at the investment firm Kidder, Peabody & Company in New York. He said he did not believe the company's financial health would be significantly affected by a market failure of the cigarette. V2 Electronic Cigarette-- Assisting you Get Rid of Tobacco Smoking, LEARN MORE AT:

"Waiting to act could jeopardize the progress we've made in the last 12 years," said the city's health commissioner, Dr. Thomas Farley. He also said that electronic cigarettes make enforcement of the rules against tobacco smoking more difficult, since the two products look so much alike. Top Reasons to Obtain V2 Cigs Discount coupon Code 2013., LEARN MORE AT: