Nuttin' Much

Things are quiet on the addiction front.  B had lunch with husb. on Sunday and showed him Google photos of his place, which is a separate building behind an apt. building.  And he got himself some new items at Ikea with the card already, which I was relieved to hear.  He actually wants to have us for a visit soon.
I started a Belly Fat diet on Sunday and have lost 3 1/2 pounds.  Of fat.  My pants fit better already.  I got real about what harm belly fat does to a person and decided it had impacted my health to the point that I need to do something about it to have a decent feeling of health.  it hasn't been hard, but I sure can feel like I"m going thru some kind of detox.
Friday I'm chairing the AlAnon meeting and we are starting in on the stories on how AlAnon Works.  Can't miss: the first one is Lois' story, and it's a good one.
Haven't had any takers for the AlaTeen meeting we run today--but they had an assembly at the school which messed up their schedule.  There's such a need, and at that school, a cultural bias against talking about one's troubles outside the family....I would love to talk with the counselors there and see how they actually work with the kids because of this bias.  Food for thought.



What is a Belly Fat diet? Seems to work! Good for you ~ 3 1/2 pounds! A great way to start out the New Year! You go girl!

B seems to be doing okay. Good to hear. I pray that he continues on this path.

The Friday meeting like a good one. I know I should try additional meetings besides the one I go to. Although I really like this one because it\'s relaxed and laid back ~ we don\'t hear leads or stories at this one. Every once in awhile it would be nice to listen to some inspiring ones.

Refresh me. Are the Ala Teen meetings being held at the school? What do the counselors have to do with it?