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diet. The 1977 recommendation that Americans eat less meat by the SenateSelect Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs was quashed by the meatindustry, and subsequent dietary guidelines panels have been verycautious. The 2010 dietary guidelines panel merely shoved meat and dairyoff the official MyPlate icon, representing the U.S. Dietary Guidelines. Though the experts have now told the truth, our familys health is stillup to us. If you would like to read more:

Liquid Nutrition Highlights 2014 Milestones and Sets Stage for 2015 - Yahoo Finance

Chantal Chamandy, the company's President & CEO (but a Mom first!), stated the following: "We believe that Liquid Nutrition's unique position in the North American smoothie and juice franchise industry as one of the only companies to offer a food and beverage offering that is 100% organic, plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free will serve as the catalyst to achieve the company's franchise sales objectives and to increase the sales of our current franchisees." "But most importantly", added Chamandy, "we will continue to build upon and reinforce Liquid Nutrition's mission to share information and knowledge with our clients. The more our clients learn about each product, and the benefits that these products have on their well-being, the more it makes them to want to come to our stores. Our stores are meant to serve as a hub of information and an important resource for each community neighbourhood that we serve. Knowledge is power, and knowledge is the key to being and becoming healthy, no matter how old you are. If you would like to read more:

Every day is filled with its own challenges, and every challenge has its own solution. This is why they've developed a line of six liquid single serving supplements that can be added to any beverage and are each specially formulated to tackle a distinct problem head-on. From stress-filled board meetings to draining to-do lists to that pre-workout boost, with Wojo Nutrition users pick the convenient, travel-ready supplement to suit their special needs for the day and add it to their favorite beverage. Its light taste blends instantly with any hot or cold beverage for a quick pick-me-up that's easy on the palette and can be taken at any time. "Wojo is also a great alternative to solid form vitamin and supplements," said Wojo Nutrition Founder Carol Knowles. If you would like to read more:

Wojo Nutrition Announces the Launch of the First Line of Single Serving Liquid Supplements Formulated to be Added to Any Drink and to Fit the Unique Needs of One's Day

For most healthy people, an egg a day does not raise the amount of unhealthful cholesterol in your blood, nor does it raise the risk of heart disease. "The committee found there really wasn't strong evidence at the population level to continue to restrict cholesterol intake," Alice Lichtenstein , the vice chairwoman of the dietary guidelines committee and a professor of nutrition science and policy at Tufts University, tells us. Now, it's important to point out that the committee is not negating the risks of having high levels of LDL in the blood. People with elevated LDL levels have have a higher risk of heart attacks. "I think it's important that people understand their actual levels ... If you would like to read more: