Nurse Navigators Help Cancer Patients Cope Early

Police: Nurse fatally stabbed while protecting patients

The other group of the patients received "enhanced usual care" consisting of educational material designed by a patient advisory committee. Most (190) of the patients had breast cancer, but 30 had lung and 31 had colon or rectal cancer. Patient-reported outcomes were measured at baseline, four months, and one year. Some of the differences between the groups persisted for eight months after patients' last contact with a nurse navigator. "That suggests that the nurse navigators helped patients to develop the confidence and skills to manage their illness and treatment more effectively," Dr. Wagner said. "This is important because it's crucial for patients to be involved in their care and self-care." Overall costs of health care, including the costs of the intervention, didn't rise at all with the nurse navigator interventionand in lung cancer patients, they might have actually declined. No overall changes were detected in patients' quality of life or depression. "That might have been because our patients had high quality of life to start with," Dr. Source -

Nurse practitioners: Valuable health professionals

Kyron Templeton, 22, the son of a patient at Good Shepherd Medical Center in the city Longview, has been charged with murder and four counts of aggravated assault, police said. Longview Police Kyron Rayshawn Templeton, 22 of Longview, Texas, was charged with one count of murder and four counts of aggravated assault in. The stabbings took place just before 7 a.m. Tuesday at the Ambulatory Surgical Center of Good Shepherd Medical Center in Longview, a city in the eastern part of the state near the border with Louisiana. "At this point, we don't have a motive," Longview police spokeswoman Kristie Brian told Reuters. Gail Sandidge, the slain nurse, had been an employee at the hospital since 1978, hospital CEO Steve Altmiller said at a Tuesday afternoon news conference. "She was protecting her patients by an act of courage, and she lost her life as a result," Altmiller said. Altmiller described the stabbing as "an isolated incident." "All victims were taken to the emergency center for assessment and treatment. This was an isolated incident that was diligently handled by the Longview Police Department and our Good Shepherd response team," he said in a statement. One of the four people wounded in the attack sustained life-threatening injuries, he said. Templeton, who is being held on a $2.6 million bond, was at the medical center with his mother when he began the stabbing attack, police said. He fled the bloody scene on foot but was apprehended nearby after a brief struggle and arrested, Brian told reporters. Source -

Nurse Shey Webber's hero rescuer speaks of regret

They found the murder weapon outside the hospital, police said. Police detained Kyron Rayshawn Templeton after stabbings Tuesday, at the Ambulatory Surgical Center of Good Shepherd Medical Center in Longview, Texas. (Photo: AP/Longview Police Department) Templeton was being held on $2.6 million bond and was charged with one count of murder and three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, according to the Longview Police Department. Templeton told authorities that "they" were trying to kill his mother, the Longview News-Journal said it was told by police. Templeton's mother was scheduled to have a procedure Tuesday morning, Altmiller said during the press conference earlier Tuesday. "The Good Shepherd family tragically lost a member of its team this morning," Altmiller said. WItness Chad Jackson was at the hospital with his family waiting for his 6-year-old daughter to have a procedure when the incident took place, the Longview News-Journal reported. Sandidge was his daughter's nurse and had just left her to look after another child when a commotion erupted, Jackson told the news organization. "The nurse that was caring for our daughter came out of one of the other curtained areas to see what was going on," he said. "That's when he stabbed her in the chest." Templeton then turned toward Jackson and his family, Jackson told the News-Journal, and Jackson stepped in front of his wife and children. Source -

Welsh nurse of the year announced

Emergency services found Ms Webber lying facedown in the hallway of the house with life-threatening injuries from an assault. Police say she may have lain there for days. Ms Webber's sister, Tamika, said the family could not express enough gratitude to the veteran courier for his actions in "saving our girl". The man said he just hoped she pulled through. "You feel like you have done something to contribute to give her a chance at least," he said. But he said he had wished several times he had looked a bit harder on a visit two days earlier, on November 4. "I just knocked on the door, there was no answer, I put a card under the door and I left." When he returned two days later the card was still there. "Maybe on that Monday if I had have looked through the window then, that may have saved her a couple of days then," he said. Police are working through almost 100 pieces of information received from callers to Crime Stoppers. Source -

Researchers found care related to retail health clinic visits cost $34 less in states that allowed nurse practitioners to prescribe and practice independently than in states that required them to be supervised by a doctor. "It appears there are cost savings when those nurse practitioners are allowed to operate autonomously in the retail clinic settings," Joanne Spetz told Reuters Health. Spetz is the study's lead author and a professor at the Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies at the University of California, San Francisco. While $34 may not seem like much, the researchers estimate there could be cost savings of $472 million by 2015 if nurse practitioners are allowed to independently practice at retail health clinics. Those clinics are found in chain pharmacies or so-called big box stores. The clinics offer walk-in care for minor health problems, such as sore throats and ear infections, and are often staffed by nurse practitioners. The ability of nurse practitioners to practice independently and prescribe medication varies by state, however. In some states, nurse practitioners are allowed to practice on their own and prescribe certain medications. In others, they must be supervised by doctors. Source -

Nurse killed, four injured in stabbing attack at Texas hospital

cities our population is booming, from the High Plains of West Texas to the Houston suburbs, the Interstate 35 corridor and all points in between. With tremendous population growth comes increased demands on our health care system. Nurse practitioners can help. Unfortunately, Texas currently ranks 47th among 50 states in supply of primary care physicians. We have 185 counties (73 percent of the state) that are designated as medically underserved, and we will see between 1.5 million and 2 million more low-income Texans eligible for Medicaid in 2014. Nurse practitioners can help. There are approximately 12,000 nurse practitioners practicing throughout Texas, providing high-quality, cost-effective, patient-centered health care from rural health clinics such the NP-owned Family Care Clinic of Panhandle to the M.D. Anderson Cancer Research Center in Houston. For far too long, state law has served as a barrier for nurse practitioners nurses with graduate degrees, national certification, advanced knowledge and clinical skills to practice to the full extent of our education and certification. The limitations on our ability to meet the needs of patients have represented an obstacle for too long that threatens our states ability to provide basic health care to our fellow Texans. Source -

SOUTH SHORE INSIDER: Nurse helps South Shore seniors through NVNA job

Ruth Owens, who works for Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, was the overall winner in the Royal College of Nursings second Wales Nurse of the Year Awards. Praised by judges for her compassion and excellence in practice, she has strived to improve treatment for patients with Parkinsons disease and the management of complex delayed transfers of care. As ward sister she helped transform an older peoples ward at Barry Community Hospital, making it a model of good practice. RCN Wales acting director Peter Meredith-Smith described Ms Owens as an admirable individual. With an ageing population that has increasingly specialist needs we need outstanding clinical practitioners in place to ensure the highest standards of care for this vulnerable group. Ruth Owens is a prime example, he said. Ms Owens said she was honoured to receive the award for a job that I genuinely love. Other award categories recognised the achievements of clinical nurse specialists, mental health nurses, community nurses, midwives and nursing students. A lifetime achievement award went to Helen Bennett, clinical board nurse for mental health at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. Source -

Easing nurse practitioner laws may save money at clinics

We have the private division, the certified division and we have a hospice house that we just opened in Hingham. Thats what sets us apart, is being connected to a certified agency. Were able to tie it all together. That continuity of care is whats very important for people because it keeps them home and out of the hospital. Youve done a lot more with your nursing degree than just hands-on nursing. Would you recommend this path to young nursing students? Young nurses have so many options. Its a wonderful career because you have so many opportunities to do so many different things. You can work with newborns, you can work with the elderly. If youre home with your children, you can work part-time or you can work full-time. What I like is a little bit of both. Source -