Number Of Uninsured Buying Coverage Under Health Law Is Rising

5 things to know for March 31 health exchange deadline

That is up from about 11% in an earlier McKinsey survey covering consumers who had chosen coverage as of January. An additional 456 consumers said they had shopped for coverage, but not enrolled in plans. Of those, 50% cited affordability as the reason they didn't enroll. Many of those are likely eligible for subsidies to help buy coverage that they may not be aware of, the survey also found.

Massive fake health and beauty supplies ring busted

Authorities seized more than $2 million worth of products and were looking at bank accounts to determine the size of the enterprise. Law enforcement authorities seized four tractor-trailers filled with knockoff health products from five locations on Long Island on Thursday. A manufacturer described the operation as the biggest known counterfeit enterprise in the United States, while another company called it the only known such manufacturing operation in the country for its products, prosecutors said. Malik and Mullick, both charged with felony trademark counterfeiting, were being held on bond of $100,000 each, the district attorney's office said. The allegation that Malik was involved with his brother's business are "outlandish," said Malik's attorney, Steve Christiansen. Mullick's attorney, Michael Brown, did not return calls seeking comment. Massive fake health and beauty supplies ring busted

"More than likely, we're going to see more individuals who perhaps do not speak English as their primary language," Connolly said. "There's a belief that young people tend to wait until the last minute." Healthier people may make up a big part of the final rush of people signing up, she said. People with health issues, Connolly said, were more likely to buy insurance early, but "there's probably a larger group of healthier individuals who are still out there." Another impediment, said Katherine Hempstead, senior program officer at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is that many people still don't know if they're eligible for financial help to buy insurance. "People tend to under-predict their own eligibility; they don't know how much help they can get," she said. A recent Urban Institute survey found that about half of the uninsured have at least visited the exchange websites, but that one out of four of the uninsured hadn't heard of the exchanges at all.