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You opened the heavy wooden Starbucks door, pulling it hard towards your soft frame and you walked into the cafe. I always hate looking at girls in public. I know they say everywhere they go they can’t escape the "male gaze" so I was about to shake my head away when I saw you make eye contact with me and smile, like we shared some inside joke.

is?1T4wDSpl6Yhm-ISug3X9S1PMbEP40jVabfF6_There wasn’t a line and the way my tall, two-person table was facing you walked out of my line of sight. I sat there and shifted as I felt my lower half, my baser half, instinctively throb through my pants. You walked towards the counter. I was sipping coffee, no sugar on a Saturday after my morning workout. A gush of blood flowed into my cock.

All I could muster was a downward nod as you walked past, holding the eye contact, leaving a magnetic pull in your wake. Your eyes, hair, and demeanor were a soft, warm, strong, hazel brown. Ok, I can look at you.

Double meanings, sentence flow, and. It felt amazing and I tried to ignore it. You sat down at the table to my right, clearly in view, peering at me from under your lashes– a point of view that’s inherently innocent and naughty all at once.

I made eye contact with you again as we both smiled and I felt blood gushing instantly into myself again, this time throbbing over and over, not just once, pressing against my underwear. I started reading again about advertising. More adjectives and amplifiers and cool ways of saying things. You smiled as you scrolled through your phone, your headphones laying on the table and as you nibbled away at a bagel, but I free nudes sites could feel that the smile was pointed at me.

Here is more information regarding free nudes sites take a look at our own webpage. I nodded my head down, the first to break eye contact. "That’s sweet," you said. I stood awkwardly above you in my workout cutoff. Own your weakness, tell a story, tell the truth. "Ok, sure" you said, "let me just get my stuff. I tried continuing what I was working on: reading about advertising and how to write better, more effectively, more cohesively.

Sitting on that tall table, our legs dangling off the chair, I could feel how close your legs were to mine. I was about to ask you your name, but you looked like you were teetering about a thought. "What’s that look on your face? The truth is much more impactful than any gimmick, pun, and everything you do should be rooted in truth, people can catch a lie a mile away.

" I asked, "you can be totally honest with me, I’m weird. " I said with a laugh. " You picked up your backpack, brushed your hair back and made your way to me. "I’m not doing anything, if you wanna join me at my table you totally should. " Your smile got bigger. You looked deep in my blue, dark eyes and you made a decision.

"I’ve always fantasized about being with a stranger," you said, scarlet. Then, I saw you shift in your seat too, readjusting your legs. I’m really glad you trust me enough to be open about what you want from me. Your hair out of the way, behind your neck, I could see your angled collar bones breathing up…and down.

My breath stopped and I could feel my whole body shiver. Your leg kicked out and I felt it press into the side of mine. The familiar throbbing returned, my sport shorts would do nothing to hide it if I had to stand. Around us, the normal chatter of people continued. I pushed back, holding mine against yours.

People on their phones, on their dating apps, complaining about cheating boyfriends, of distractions, of coffee and bagels. It’s like I caught you in the middle of a thought you’d only keep to yourself or post anonymously on your Reddit account. My soft leg hair and hard calf pressed into you. I can’t control my thoughts.

"Hi, I said, "I thought you were really pretty and I had to come say hello. " I thought in my head: this is a fantasy, but I would honestly love to take you to the bathroom, bend you over, and immediately slide into you from behind. I just imagined bending you over, sliding your pants off, and sliding into you from behind.

I held my leg there to make sure you didn’t accidentally brush up against my leg. "Then go to the bathroom I said, "I’ll come knock on the door in 30 seconds and see if you’re still sure you want me inside you.

I hesitated for a moment and said: "If we’re talking fantasies. You held your leg there too. " "I am beyond warmed up right now. A group of girls were staring at me. It’s just a fantasy, I know I’d love taking my time and warming you up, maybe we can hangout sometime and grab ice cream and. " You said as you got up, and I saw your yoga pants tightly wrapped around your legs.

This is crazy, I don’t even have a condom. The five of them sat in a booth in their similar colored pastel t-shirts. You walked towards the bathroom, that same magnetic pull left in your wake. I left my backpack behind and got up. You were there, your same smile and soft brown hair but now that inside joke we both shared was out in the air, I walked in and the door closed behind me, leaving us alone in the extremely nice bathroom, in shaded light.

Soft, full and beyond amazing. I stepped toward you and kissed your lips. I knocked on the door, and after a short second, I heard it open. And those were just your lips. I immediately felt your weight hitch against my arm, like a dancer who trusts her partner, and your body pressed into me through your soft cotton shirt and my workout cut off. What am I going to do?

I kissed your lips as I felt the back of your neck. Walking to the bathroom door, my boner became non-existent. I could feel your body close to mine, like your leg pressed against me earlier. I opened my eyes as I pulled away. In that moment I felt infinity, I felt like I could kiss you for eternity. "Not how I want to really feel it" you said.

Your hand trailed down my shirt, my abs, and down holding onto the cuff of my pants. " I said to you, "thanks" you said with a blush. Then, you moved your hand lower and felt me through my pants. Instantly my cock throbbed by the second, and I was close enough to where it pressed into your upper thigh.

I put my fingers against the front of your tight yoga pants, and just left my hand against your upper thigh. Firmly gripping onto the long mound of my cock, you softly moaned feeling it hard, against your hand. You kissed my lips more, feeling my strong jaw with your hand as my soft lips bit yours and kissed down your chin, and under your chin down to your neck.

" You said, both of us trying our best to maintain eye contact, through uncharted territory. "But first, turn around. "You are honestly beyond pretty. I started kissing your neck while hotly breathing out on it. Our words struggled to come out, but they say communication is 70% body language. In response you just reached back and felt my hard cock through my pants in your hand.

By this point my cock was beyond hard. " I asked, running my hand quickly down your neck and spine in the golden-dim bathroom light. "Take your pants off for me" I said, taken aback but ready to handle you. An awkward angle, but I left it there and I kissed you again. "Oh my god," you said as you felt back and wrapped your fingers around me, slowly stroking me up, then down.

Cupping it, contouring it as I instantly twitched feeling your fingers on me. "What…I get hot in the summer with all the hair" I laughed. Your front side was so incredibly pretty as we stood there half-naked, half-clothed and all-smiling. My cock flipped up, free, and you nude pics sexy babes looked back at my fully-shaved chest, stomach and body. You looked at my face and then down to my throbbing cock.

You stood up and turned toward me. " You turned, feeling yourself exposed to me and then pulled down your pants almost immediately, desperately revealing your white underwear and round amazing ass. I looked at you and instantly needed to feel myself plunging into you.

" you said with an appetite, making me want to give you anything and everything You took me into your hand as you looked at my body– hard from head to toe to what was hanging stiffly inches away from your lips. "Your cock is perfect.

You squatted yourself all the way down, using my sides as support, your legs spreading all the way out under you—luckily the ground looked immaculately clean. " You asked even though you knew you didn’t need to. You could smell the palm beach deodorant I use on my inner thighs, as your slowly started stroking me, and I hardened in your hand with each stroke, and you could feel long ridged veins on my cock.

The same lips that felt like heaven to kiss. "Take your panties off" I said, and as you did I flipped my pants shorts down. You almost immediately nodded and moved toward me opening your beautiful mouth and wrapped your lips around me. "You taste so good" you said after you slowly pulled your mouth off and took a breath.

I immediately felt myself harden to the maximum, your mouth taming my movement. "Only if can do the same later," I said. As you shifted, you felt your legs spread, and as your mouth softly surrounded my shaft, you felt how smooth and wet you felt, with each small movement. I loudly moaned as I felt the air back around my cock as your shallow hot breath breathed on me and your hand surrounded the lower part of my shaft.

You held me fully in your hand as you bobbed your head back onto the hard, long, soft, beech palm-smelling cock as my stomach curled in nerves– You literally look perfect. You were going so slow I could feel myself inching inwards, pressed against the back of your throat. " You slowly let me out of your mouth and kissed back up my lower abs.

You started kiss your way back up my smooth ridges of abbs, my chest, and lower neck. You looked at me again, from below your lashes. We made eye contact, zero smiles remaining. Sloppily, wetly kissing you, I forgot how to moderate myself as my cock pressed into your stomach. "Oh" you said as the cute girl seemed to become suppressed and something calmer, cooler emerged.

I felt my cock against you and we both shuddered. Our breathing filled the room. I grabbed your neck and pulled your lips to me again. You took one long, slow, mouthful as you pushed yourself down around me as far as you could go. We kept our hips in an awkward position because of how we stood.

"Never mind about bending you over. Then, I pressed myself just against you. We kissed once more as I saw a begging look In your eyes and I gripped your back along your spine, hovering my cock right above your clit. "That feels really good" you said quietly, holding against the back of my neck with one or your arms, feeling my shoulder muscles tighten. The hard head of my cock rubbed against you as I held myself in my hand, and started circling your waves of smooth skin, feeling you moan.

From there I saw you and your beautiful face. " I lifted you up in my arms, easily, and set you onto to the warm granite sink. My cock instantly felt engulfed in a wet, warm, tight, grip as I only entered a quarter of the way into you.

Then, I slid into you. I pushed into you, sliding in inch by inch, deeper into you as you felt me enter. Innocent and naughty all at once. You let out a loud moan. The ridges of the condom feeling wet and warm inside you, my long cock fully fitting you.

I massaged your breast firmly with my other hand. I needed to be in you again and again. "Push" you said, as we could both feel how extremely wet you were. I started sliding outwards, the top of my cock dragging smoothly against your clit. I saw you writhe in pleasure. I pulled out all the way then started back in. I felt each inch slide into you deep and long as our breathing started matching, and getting faster.

Your shirt and my shirt were the only thing in between us as we made eye contact again and I kept going. My hands tightly gripped onto you. Below us we could see my cock sliding into you, like it wasn’t even our bodies.

I relaxed my cock, instead feeling the sensations of my whole body as I could smell your soft breath against my face, hear me slipping in and out of you, and feel your hair as I wrapped one of my hands against the nape of your head. My hands ran along your smooth back and down towards your hips until both my hands were wrapped around you firmly, holding your legs with my thumbs pushed into you, towards the front of your thighs.

" I held you and slid in, over and over then moved in and bit your lip, pulling at it. You make so much eye contact. I wanted to rip off your shirt but I couldn’t even manage taking that little time. "Oh my god," you said as I kept sliding in and out, quickly and as hard as I could five times, then slowly five times.

I felt myself rubbing against your clit with each slide in, and each slide out, as I firmly pressed my muscular heavy body against you. I lifted our shirts so I could feel your lower stomach against mine as the slapping of my body into yours echoed in the room, our eyes locked, so entranced the silliness of the noise didn’t even distract us.

Then, I lifted you off into my arms and started slamming you against me as you moved your hips in the same motion. Who said pussies are weak? But each time I thrust into you, and you felt something long and thick sliding into you, increasing with each entry, you knew it was your body. You pushed back against me supporting every 180 pound of me. I saw the way you looked at me with your mouth gaping open and instantly felt like I was about to cum.

I gripped the inside of your hips, my hands completely gripping you. I could feel your tongue sloppily searching on the inside of my mouth, like your mouth was desperate for something to bite on to, like biting a towel during a surgery after a gunshot wound.

I flipped you off of me and set you down, your body lowering down against me, breathing hard. "I love when you look at me like that" you said. "Bend over" I said, as we both saw each other in the clean mirror, We looked so hot. "Turn around," I said, and you did with your amazing ass and lower back that looked a tiny valley in front of me.

We hovered for a moment, you bent over for me, hanging in the air, as you felt yourself completely relaxed, more than relaxed, feeling my cock just inches away from your deepest part. I pulled at the back of your hair like the rains of a horse and I felt your whole body electrify as I slide in and lowered my hand so it held up against your smooth, tight, hoods of skin.

I gulped as I felt my cock throbbing full with my blood, sliding into you. "I’m going to cum" you said through your teeth as I put my hand softly around your neck and I instantly felt my cock throb. I felt myself instantly cumming as I felt your body twitch in my arms. I leaned forward and pressed my entire chest against your back and I spread my two fingers into a ‘V’ so I could feel myself pressing into you with each motion, and I saw your perfect reflection, moaning in the mirror.

Pumping over and over as I came deep into you, holding myself in you, you could feel each throb as my cock bucked inside you, pumping over and over. Pulling in and out, I felt your pussy lips gripping me like they couldn’t let go of my hard cock.

You let out a loud breath as your legs shivered from top to bottom and your legs both gave out. My cock got even harder. I started slowly sliding into you. Cum filling you hotly and warmly, and my cock felt like it never did before as you hung there, held up by my arms holding you from the front along your chest. " My cock still inside of you, harder and softer than your dildo.

Then, I felt you explode. Throb after throb, as you were wrapped around my cock, completely bent over as I released into you. I emptied completely in you as I felt you breathing. "Oh my god," you said after a minute of silence, our bodies in standstill.