Now You Can Buy Gold In Yen, Assuming You Want To

Government sets up gold buying centres

Also, the $6.6 billion IAU is even cheaper than GLD, at 0.25 percent a year, plus an average spread of 8 basis points. But the three currency-linked Gartman gold funds would each cost 0.65 percent a year, before trading spreads. Thats $65 per $10,000 invested. [The fund-of-funds strategy] costs 1.52 percent, or $152 for every $10,000 invested, before trading spreads. Thats nearly four times the cost of GLD. Currency markets are the most liquid in the world, so you can make currency bets cheaply, analyst Paul Baiocchi said about the funds.

The minister was responding to a question by the Senator for Mashonaland Central, Alice Chimbudzi on measures that government has put in place to make sure that gold from small scale miners is properly harnessed. Chidhakwa said the centres would offer various services such as gold milling, collection points and assist with environmental impact assessments. aThe centres will also house gold collection facilities so that small scale donat take their gold to Harare,a he said. He said the sites would also be staffed with geologists, engineers and metallurgists.