not so good

husb and I are having difficulties, and some of them are related to his substance abuse, which is infrequent but really quite alarming when he does it.  The weekend I was last at the ocean, in Nov, he got blotto.  hurt himself falling off a ladder and got a black eye.  Called me 3 times in one night ,swacked, and then called me the next day saying I had left him messages and had he called me?  So that was not so great.
Most of the time he doesn't drink, so I can't categorize him.  When I drank, he drank right along with me, but I quit 26 years ago and so we have a sober household except for these strange nights lately.  I know he was mixing booze with ambien and unisom and that's a strong combination.
Right now, my goal is to have some fun.  I would like us to lighten and find something to do that gets us out of the house.  We have both been sick 7 weeks with a dumb CHronic-Fatigue Syndrome -like virus which has left us zombies, and super tired all the time.  Now I have cabin fever.  But all he wants to do is lie on the bed and watch talking heads on TV.
So today, I told him my doc said I should think about becoming a snowbird to get out of the SAD which I'm pretty sure I have, and husb came unglued thinking I was contemplating leaving him.  He got into a panic state and had to cancel the Bar Review course he was teaching for tonight.  CAme home and got plenty sedated again and is now out.
I would like to be a help to him and suggest he get rid of this anger from our last separation 11 years ago, as that is still in his m ind and makes him very upset when he thinks of it.  I have made my amends and for heaven sake, living a peaceful, loving life together these last 5 1/2years should count for something.
Guess I"m just venting.  I don't like spending all this lonely time alone almost being a hostage to his emotional state.  Earlier this evening I chaired an AlAnon meeting and business meeting, and it all felt alive and meaningful.  I am hungry for more meningful activity.
I also know this discomfort has to be addressed between us.  It's almost the one-year anniversary of our son's worst acting out which got him kicked out forever and had me grieving for several weeks.  I don't need any problems thrown into the mix on top of the work to put that event truly in the past.  On top of that, on the 27th, we've got tickets to go to Palm Springs to celebrate birthdays with his fun-lovin relatives.  I almost feel like I'm on a timeline to get things cleared up.  Lord knows I want some fun time there .