Not happy about a photographer you hired? Before committing the same mistake again, ask the question

Tired of a photographer who does listen to your fluffs than facts? Angry about a photographer who over commits himself? Just not happy about the service you thought nice?
…Chances are you have always hired the wrong photographer, who is never meant to serve your job. But did you know you have equally been unmotivated and uninformed about choosing a service provider who is really nice. Not just on paper but in reality? The key to hire a photographer who works and not just clicks pics is asking questions – as much as you could.
Who are you and what do you do?
Yes! You already know who s/he is – we mean the profession. But asking this question is naturally expected by the service provider. A professional would not tell – “Hey I’m Mr. x and I do this and that”. Expect a thoughtful reply “Thanks for your interest in hiring a photographer”. If the person is not polite, it is vague to expect he will be fully professional.  When the person tells what he does, expect him to cover the testimonials and client feedback. It would be a waste of your time to listen to the person if he beats around the bush.
How you do what you do?
This is a question not every person would answer the same. And this is your chance to weed out the odd. For example, a good wedding photographer in London would offer you a brief idea about the equipment, timing, structure and all that s/he follows to catch the event in frame
Are you available?
Well, this may be the silliest thing you could ever ask at end, but practically this is the most useful. Let’s tell you the truth. Quite often, you could meet Asian wedding photographers in London who would guarantee you timely arrival, but because the task involve crucialities, it is not tough for the service seeker to skip the event or better late arrival. If you ask the reason, ready yourself for the common excuse “well, I had to attend guests’ or just anything that sounds too nice!
How much do you charge?
This is a question of professionalism again! The best sports photographers in London would offer you genuine reasons and offer you customised quotes that would include benefits.
Well, the above are just a few of the most basic questions you should readily ask without any sort of hesitation. After all you are paying and ensuring you get the best of service is your right. Isn’t it? The better informed and researched you are, more likely is that you can avail the ideal service. Now note even if a professional come at a notable price, don’t hesitate hiring since good service comes at a price!
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