No spread of the disease

Hi... Just wanted to tell you that it has been 2 years since my sister's whipple and chemo.  She has finished her trial at the University of Chicago.  So, we just sit and wait.  Pam gets a cat scan every 2 months.  So far no spread of her disease.  She is doing well and back to work. She feels blessed. Just wanted to add a entry to the journal. I'm still praying for all of you.  Say a prayer for my twin.  Bless you all. Pat



Pat, I am so glad to hear that. I have been on pain meds everyday. I still get very bad pain just under my ribs that is so horrible where I can not breathe too. It is horrible. I am glad your sister is doing good, I have been praying for her from the very beginning of our conversations. I have been on the patch at a low dosage for a little more than two months, I am again waking up at night with a lot of pain. for me it is depressing, I try so hard to feel better and just when I go and say I feel like I am doing great, I seem to curse myself and the pain is back. But I do have other problems such as colon cancer (Six years this year clean) and CLL on a watch and wait. My doctor keeps telling me it will end up with the cancer as long as I am in pain. They told me if the pain gets to bad, they can take out the pancreas, I wanted to know why they did just take it out when I had the whipple, it is scary thinking I will have to go through all that again that I am afraid to bring it up at the doctors office.
God Bless you and your sister. you both will always be on my prayer list. Thanks for asking.