No Parenting Order For Child Removed To Netherlands

He then took his daughter to the Netherlands, without notifying the court or the mothers family of his intent to remove the child from Australia. After the father took the child to Australia, the cousin obtained an interim order from the Family Court that provided for the cousin and the father to share parental responsibility for the childs long term care. The maternal family hoped that the Family Court would intervene so they could once again be involved in the childs life. The father, who did not participate in the proceeding, was ordered to return the child to Australia. The father then retained counsel and appealed the order, which was discharged a month after it was made. Lengthy court proceedings followed, including the preparation of a Family Report that largely favored the father. Notably, there was no evidence that the child was endangered by the father, despite the maternal familys misgivings about his character. More:

Microsoft, Apple looking to set up data centers in The Netherlands

Once called a "comprehensive egalitarian social model" by the Financial Times, the system that spent 40% of its GDP on entitlements in the 1980s while the more information U.S. spent 22% is now being refocused by newly coronated Dutch King Willem-Alexander. The king visit the site asserted three months ago that the University of London's History in Focus says that the "classic welfare state of the second half of the 20th century" is over. The Netherlands would now become a "participation society" as the arrangements" featuring the dependence on the welfare state "are unsustainable in their current form." He cautioned the nation that the changes would "take time and demand perseverance," but they would "lay the basis for creating jobs and restoring confidence." History in Focus had stated "with the sole exception of Sweden," the Netherlands "was the most generous both in terms of benefits and the conditions under which individuals could claim." But now, in order to receive benefits, welfare applicants must prove they have been actively looking for a job for at least four weeks. The Cato Institute's Michael Tanner said, "And once they begin to receive benefits they will either have to work or perform volunteer community service." Other services which had heretofore been supervised by the national government will be run at the local level, making them more cost efficient. They include moved here youth services, care for the elderly, and job retraining. More:

The Netherlands Moves Away from Welfare State

Apple is looking at developing a data centre in the port of Eemshaven according to claims by local sources and the port authority's multi-year plan which includes mention of a new company setting up base in the area. Eemshaven, which is the endpoint of a major transatlantic fibre optic cable network, is already home to one of Google's server farms. Microsoft, on the other hand is view planning to set up their datacenter in province of Noord-Holland, with a massive investment of $2.7 billion (2 billion euros). The company has scouted 40 acres of land near the A7 highway for a green data center. The datacenter will be powered by energy created in the greenhouses which has been pioneered by Microsoft . More:

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The Dutchman has agreed to take over as coach from Louis van Gaal after the 2014 World Cup for two years, to be followed by a two-year spell as technical supervisor of the national side. It is not expected that Hiddink will be unveiled by the Dutch Football Federation until the new year, but sources have said an agreement is now formally in place. Hiddink, who managed Netherlands from 1994-1998, has blog spoken in recent weeks of his interest in taking over the national team for a second time. The 67-year-old has been out of the game since resigning as boss of Anzhi Makhachkala in July, which, when he took over at the Russian club in February 2012, had been his first permanent club post in six years. Hiddink is an experienced international manager, having managed Russia, Australia, South Korea and Turkey in addition to his native country. More:

Hiddink signs new Netherlands deal

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