No deposit bonus: what is it? Cheating or reality?

No deposit casino bonuses - money that a player receives without making their own money (deposit) in the game account. Bonuses are usually distributed by online casinos or poker schools to attract visitors. But in order to withdraw the money from the gaming account, they must be wagered.

Everyone can get it, in principle, and then use it to play for real money. Usually no deposit bonus is a small amount, which is not enough to start a game for large sums and players have to add their own blood savings to the account. However, it is worth remembering that the probability of winning at a casino is small, and when paying a starting bonus, the owners will be even more interested in you leaving your money here to recapture the money spent on starting bonuses to all users. 

Is it easy to get a no deposit bonus at the casino
In addition, the probability of immediately withdrawing the funds received by the bonus is small. Such amounts are usually less than the minimum required for withdrawal. So, you will only have to play on them, adding your money to the piggy bank in the hope of gaining the minimum amount to withdraw. Or just look at them as a cargo that is unavailable to you.

Another aspect of no deposit bonuses in online casinos is the verification of data entered during registration. This may be checking the phone number or sending passport scans. This is done in order to protect the casinos from registering bots or collecting a grid of accounts, followed by transferring funds from all of them to one, and then a quick withdrawal.

One more stumbling block before getting a no deposit bonus is a quiz. It is designed for quick screening of people registering for the sake of receiving a bonus, and then selling or renting their own accounts to others.

Usually, such bonuses are offered by poker rooms, but in recent months there have been frequent cases of providing them from the sites of the large online casino Vulkan, where you can play various slots without leaving the room.