Nine Ways To Lose Weight On Vacation And Still Have Fun

Weird ways to lose weight at your workplace

Take a hike Calories burned: 223 for a moderate cross-country hike High-octane adventure activities aren't everyone's cup of tea, but hiking can be tailored to fit most travelers' endurance levels. Plus, there are few better ways to get a breathtaking view of an unfamiliar destination. Even the most bustling cities have hiking opportunities; check out Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland , or the 50-some miles of trails at Mt. Tamalpais State Park , across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. For travelers who are feeling extra ambitious, rock climbing can burn a whopping 409 calories as well. Go for a swim Calories burned: 223409, depending on stroke and speed Whether you're at the beach or splashing in an infinity pool, swimming is a wonderful, weightless way to shed extra pounds. If your destination is decidedly un-tropical, search for a hotel with a pool or a nearby YMCA with swimming facilities. And, if taking a dip sounds just a tad dull, remember that snorkeling or scuba diving burns the same amount of caloriesbut with the possibility of adrenaline-pumping shark encounters. Pack a yoga mat Calories burned: 149 for 30 minutes of hatha yoga Traveling can be tense. Think about it: endless lists, itineraries, reservations, remembering to toss the milk before you leave. To read further, visit

Of course, your office or you have to foot the bill, but in the long run the additional cost is likely to be fully worth your smaller waist size. 3. Stand and speak on the phone When you stand each time you speak on the phone, you burn many more calories than through a call done in the sitting position. Now, standing and speaking on the phone is great fun, for official calls. It helps you adopt a more commanding tone and, if you reflect for a moment, you will realize that it is easier to scream at someone over the phone while you are standing. I think that is why army commanders always tend to stand and speak. Also, as the laws of physics spell out, you can bang the phone down with more ferocious velocity from a greater height once you are done with the call, which is always a fulfilling thing to do. MORE FROM WORKPLACE The loyalty loop 4. Make your own delicious drinks Drinking sugared beverages through the day is the biggest source of weight gain in many offices. On the other hand, drinking water in office is very good for your health, but certainly not an exciting thing to do. To read further, visit